AR 608-10 PDF

AR – Child Development Services. This mandated revision, dated 11 May — o Updates administering medication and performing caregiving health. Purpose This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for establishing and operating Army Child Development Services (CDS). The format of this regulation . Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering

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Hours of operation will be reviewed semi—annually. S Army Reserve USAR on ac- provisions in accordance with AR 11 — 2, but tive duty, active duty for training, or special does not contain checklists for conducting active duty for training 30 days or more du- management control reviews.

Children should be placed using mixed age grouping, blending ages using the specified ratio for each age served e. The AFAPM will support and 60810 training, assume major responsibility for training on identification and reporting procedures, and serve as a resource person to CDC management personnel. CDS parent advisory boards which include parents who are using the program on a regularly basis xr be organized. CDS employees will take appropriate steps to ensure children are released only to parents or designated adults.

See paragraph 5—6 a for CDC food service practices. DA Form will be used. CDS delivery systems will meet parental needs for safe, affordable, accessible, quality child care. Installations may not use the high cost range to compensate for inadequate funding with appropriated funds.

Installations are required to develop an ICCAP to target goals for rightsizing the number of available child care spaces. APF shall be used for CDC construction and renovation; meeting such operating costs as equipment, supplies, utilities, custodial and maintenance services; administrative and supervisory personnel; training and travel; and other authorized uses.


Facility Compliance Requirements, page Calls may be made to the hotline anonymously. IDPs are required to ensure that a minimum level of initial and ongoing training is established for all individuals. CDC and SPS employees and FCC providers will inform 6608-10 and obtain parental signature for participation before any planned excursions or occasions when the children will be taken off the installation.

Two part—time positions may be preferable 68-10 dual functioning a single position. Opportunities for child control of process or outcome. CDS personnel in center—based settings must be awake at all times.

The team will include parent representation and solicit the views of parents. At least 80 percent of the existing operational capacity of CDC facilities shall be used for full day and part day care if there is an excess demand waiting list for either type of care. The number of spouses employed 68-10 or part time outside the home; age, rank and status of military and civilian population; mission of the installation; percentage of military residing on the installation; and remoteness or isolation of the location, may all impact on the total installation child care need.

Medication and special therapeutic procedures will be administered only when prescribed by a physician and only when there is no other reasonable alternative to the medical requirement for the child. 608-1 7 — 1: The CDS coordinator will collect data reflecting actual and potential sources of child care on the installation and in the surrounding civilian community.

Quality CDS options can strengthen and sustain child and parent relationships. CDS volunteers including parents, who are used only on an occasional basis, e. Children will be on oral medication at least 24 hours before dosage is administered by CDS personnel.


Documentation of serious accidents or occurrences within CDS programs including deaths and major injuries that. The installation inspector general IG may participate as an observer if requested by the installation commander. Prior hours of training may be substituted at the discretion of the TACS if training falls within approved topics and.

AR Child Development Services

Employment references, verification of background checks, and medical examinations. No child will be left unattended in a vehicle.

Program director responsibilities include—. All components of the CDC system including full—day, part—day, hourly care and school—age programs will be enrolled.

Space allocations for center programs will be analyzed to ensure preschool programs are not utilizing an amount of activity space inconsistent with program mission and installation priorities for service. Figure 7 — 3: Provide a safe environment to prevent and reduce injuries.

AR 608-10 Child Development Services (Update)

Responsibilities will include those of program assistants and the following:. Operational hours must support soldier mission requirements. Provisions for breast feeding, if applicable.

Patron satisfaction surveys and mechanisms for voicing suggestions and complaints. A child group is composed of two caregiving employees and the corresponding numbers of children assigned to their care. Ag personnel, services, and supplies where specified, should be provided first.

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