These books deal with Physics. Physics is called Bhautik Shastra in Sanskrit. Vedic Physics · Amsu Bodhini Shastra (Sanskrit & English) – Maharshi Bharadwaja. Original filename: This PDF document has been generated by ScanFix(TM) Enhanced / libtiff / tiff2pdf. Amsu Bodhini Shastra by Maharshi Bharadwaja from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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Fill them in a crucible boduini Garuda and place it in a furance known as Koorma Yyasatica. These fruits of actions being of the three qualities Satwa, Raja and’ Tama enter severally into the Agnishoma Shakti in their innate colours, white, red and black and exist there in three equal aggregate portions.

Jeu 1 Sep – In this Sweta Varaha Kalpa six Manvantaras have already passed and the seventh vis. This done, the articles become fit to receive the image of any object.

This is the axiom. The first word viz.

Amsu Bodhini Shastra,chapter I

Vivrutatwa or the power of projecting himself into the form of the universe. Edu pengurusan bilik darjah pdf. This aphorism needs no detailed explanation. Having expounded all these very lucidly he incorpo- rated them all in a book callel Arnsu Bodliini, in aphorisms, extending to a thousand sections, subsumed under twelve chapters. By this the image appears as getting a greater degree of light than it had originally.

In fact this condition of manyness to Atma is only apparent on account of illusion caused by Upa- dhi and as such is not re d.


The treatment bodhnii these points in these works is so stiff and scholarly that laymen cannot follow them.

Walter Mauch, hier finden. Bodhnii similar account is given in Srushtivilasa also thus: This method is to directly load a PDF file from system, then open it. I design tickets all day and take care that every ticket is perfect. According to the 89bh axiom the two electric lights viz.

To this water must be added three other acids, each one hundredth part of the water.

Full text of “Amsu Bodhini Shastra,chapter I”

In other words the aggregate prana is known as Hiranvagarbha. I have generated Latest tambola games with handmade designer theme based tambola tickets bring great. Then the grass catches the heat of the mercury and so it burns into ashes. Membres etude de conception d’un melangeur. Vishnu and Brahma, on the other hand, having no Satwa in them, feel ownership or egotism in ; respect of their bodies. It says on the above point as follows: This treatment is meant to effect this result.

Thus the splendour can never have increase of form, though affected masu upadhi.

By the action of the six powers indicated by the five letters and a visarga two ciphers one below the other water gets solidified and becomes an island- Dvipah – The meaning of this aphorism according to the commentary known as Viswambhara Yritti is this. Having thus interpreted the significance of bodhinu words of the aphorism, we shall now examine its general sense.

Amsu Bodhini Shastra

This is the meaning of the words of the aphorism. This aphorism consists of five words dealing with the cause for Avyakta. Now it is to be noted that every man has, towards his relations and friends, five natural faculties of feeling viz. That is to say they are dissimilar in appearance but similar in properties. The 7 kinds of flowers such as Bohini, Kusu na Jyoti pushpa, Jyotirmukha push pa etc.


There is therefore reason for doubt as to whether bodhjni term Atma referred to in the above aphorism applies to the oneness or to the manyness of Atma. This aphorism by Shaunaka No to. This effulgence of Brahma’ has therefore no condition of being born.

Amsu bodhini pdf | igoghnw |

That is to Hay Atma and splendour are identical and so the latter has no independent existence apart from Atma. This treatment is the process of supplying the required quantity of these powers, so that the reproduced image appears life-like of the original object. Soutenue publiquement le 04 juillet The original vega, then, by its increased rapidity, gets so bohdini that it naturally draws or attracts towards it the things and their shaktis of the pheno- mena around it, just as Ohitraka whirl -wind does.

Thereupon another whirl-wind is formed out of it and it is named, Chi- traka which has motion in all directions.

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