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Defrosting the fridge Frost settles on the rear wall of the fridge chamber. Disconnecting the mains l Make sure the appliance can be easily disconnec- ted from the mains, either by pulling the plug out of the instrukcna socket, or by switching the two-pole switch off fig.

Nie naley sto so wa opa ko wa szklanych. Wir weisen Sie darauf hin, die Gebrauchsanweisung vor der Inbetriebnahme genau zu lesen. Pokrtlo regulacji temperatury Regulacja temperatury Zmiana ustawienia pokrtla powoduje zmian temperatury w chlodziarko-zamraarce. Nie wol no im siada na elementach wysuwanych i zawiesza si na drzwiach. This will ensure the possibility of storing the food at the ambient temperature for a longer time.

Prior to dispatch, each unit was isntrukcja checked for its safety and operating capabilities. Puszki i butelki mog po p ka. It is forbidden to readjust or modify any parts of the unit. Aby odszroni komor zamraarki, na le y: Przed przystpieniem do czysz cze nia naley bezwzgldnie odlczy urz dze nie od zasilania, poprzez wyjcie wtyczki z gniazdka sie cio nistrukcja go, wy l cze nie lub wykrcenie bezpiecznika.

Use this for storing butter and cheese. Long storage of food at the ambient temperature shortens their shelf life.

Amica FK S AA manual

The socket must be fitted properly, and must be supplied with an earthing conduit and a 10A fuse. Use this for storing butter and cheese. Any amca adhesive stains may be removed with a mild washing agent. Do not allow them to play with the appliance. Ewentualne po zo stale reszt ki kleju mona usun delikatnym rodkiem myjcym.


Nie jest ona wystarczajca do zamraania ywnoci. The manufacturer will not be held liable for any damage or injury which may result from the failure to fulfil this requirement. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. Natomiast zastosowana nowoczesna technologia i przyjazna dla rodowiska izolacja powoduje niskie zuycie energii. Das Gefriergut sollte kleinportioniert sein. Di- stribute them evenly l over the shelves.

Recycling of the packaging Our packaging are made of environmentally friendly mate- rials, which can be reused: PDF Click to preview.

Die Flaschen und Dosen platzen! Odlczenie od zasilania lNaley zapewni moliwo odlczenia urz dze nia od sieci elektrycznej, poprzez wyjcie wtyczki lub wylczenie wy lcz ni ka dwubiegunowego rys.

Mycie usuwa naturaln ochron, dla te go lepiej umy warzywa bez po red nio przed spoyciem.

Producent zastrzega sobie moliwo dokonywania zmian nie wplywajcych na dzia instrrukcja nie urzdzenia. Minor changes in temperature The slight changes in temperature are perfectly normal and may occur, for instance during the storage of great quantities of fresh products in the fridge, or when the door is open for a longer period of time. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view.

Amica FK268.3 S AA manual

Producent nie odpowiada za jakiekolwiek szkody spowodowane nieprawidlowym po st po wa niem z wyrobem. Appliances which are not self-defrosting will require regular defrosting. Do not use glass conta- iners.

  ASCE 3-91 PDF

Washing removes the natural protection, therefore it is better to wash the vegetables directly before con- sumption. Istrukcja a manual of the Amica FK Appliances which are not self-defrosting will require regular defrosting.

AMICA UKS Fridge/ Refrigerator download manual for free now – 3AC2F |

This will not affect the condition of the stored foodstuff, and the temperature will quickly return to its set value.

All manuals on ManualsCat. Storage zones in the refrigerator l Due to the natural circulation of the air in the amixa, there are different temperature zones in the refrigerator chamber.

The ambient temperature increase will be detected by the sensor and the compressor will be switched on automatically for a longer period of time in order to maintain the temperature set inside the chambers.

Sounds heard during normal use are mainly due to operation of the thermostat, compressor switching on and cooling system thermal expansion and contraction of the radiator caused by flow of the cooling agent. Podlczenie zasilania lPrzed podlczeniem zaleca si ustawi pokrtlo regulatora temperatury na pozycj “OFF” lub inna powodujc odlczenie urzdzenia od zasilania Patrz strona z opisem sterowania.

Freezing food l Practically all the food products, except for ve- getables consumed raw, such as lettuce can be frozen. Najlepszymi ma te ria la mi s: Ifthecapillarytubeisdamagedbytheuser the guarantee will be void fig. Prevent water optkmum penetra- ting the control panel or the light.

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