Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich Evicted by Matthew Desmond Amazing Grace by Jonathan Kozol The Working Poor by David K. Shipler Hand to. Amazing Grace is Jonathan Kozol’s classic book on life and death in the South Bronx—the poorest urban neighborhood of the United States. He. Amazing Grace is an audiobook about about the hearts of children who grow up in the South Bronx—the poorest congressional district of our children .

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What exactly do we plan to do with those whom we appear to have defined as economically and humanly superfluous? The houses in which these children live, two thirds of which are owned by the City amazinng New York, are often as squalid as the houses of the poorest children I have visited in rural Mississippi, but there is none of the greenness and the healing sweetness of the Mississippi countryside outside their windows, which are often barred and bolted as protection against thieves.

Yet, it was taking advantage of. Finding my favorite part was jonsthan because all parts hid some sort or tragic and harsh living conditions. That being said, I found Kozol’s interviews with Jinathan. In the meantime, we somehow need to embrace the poorest in our nation and help them. Virtually every child at St.

Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation by Jonathan Kozol

Jul 05, Katie rated it really liked it. What do they think the world has done to them? I brings to life a way of life that many people will never encounter or understand. Kopzol anecdotally, and through statistics, details the horrific living conditions of the community jonathah the apathy, even hostility, directed at them from those better off.


Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Want to Read saving…. The phone breaks down. It surreally opened my eyes to see that such stuff can happen in America in all places.

The book does not romanticize or soften the effects of violence and sickness. This is a place of pain. One clearly sees why sometimes people need it.

That is one area of ‘family breakdown’ that the experts and newspapers seldom speak of. I think it is more likely that they’ll write more stories about “Hope Within the Ashes” and then pile on more ashes and then change the subject jonathwn the opening of the ballet or a review of a new restaurant. He travels and lectures about educational inequality and racial injustice.

Many cry a great deal but cannot explain exactly why. It is hard to believe these living conditions are still taking place in our country. See all reviews. Amidst all of the despair, it is the very young whose luminous capacity for love and transcendent sense of faith in human decency give reason for hope.

We have not nourished this part of the hearts of children, not in New York, not really anywhere. They live in a crime-infested neighborhood with terrible schools and highly stressed parents, not enough food and little prospects. Set up a giveaway. I think it’s an important book that everyone should read.

As I continued to read the book, I found myself getting sucked into life in the South Bronx as explained by Kozol. They want to be loved. The primary focus of this book pertains to the lives of children within the South Bronx.


Jonathan Kozol

If so, do they think that they deserve this? The people with enough courage try. Jan 07, Lindsay rated it did not like it Recommends it for: It was written in the 90s but its message is still relevant today.

They have taught me a lot about the questions that I have and the people I serve. It is emotionally difficult, as it should be. Will they become ashamed of what they’ve done, or what they have accepted? Rates of pediatric AIDS, therefore, are high. This is a motivational book: The pipes break down. But we do not think of them that way.

The stories of families and children living in unacceptable conditions can break the hardest of hearts. Jun 13, Camille Solo rated it it was amazing. Here in New York they smile and smile and pat jonathah on the head and then they send you back where you belong. The facts and statistics of life in this American neighborhood are startling, and cause me to To understand poverty in America, it seems that Kozol is a must read.

This book is powerful, emotional, depressing, macabre and at times even joyful and uplifting. When you enter the train, you are in the seventh richest congressional district in the nation. Kozol has an amazing writing style, and definitely knows how to succeed in expressing his message.

Some of them say hello to you, even to strangers. Jun 28, Edwin Cruz rated it really liked it.

Some of them look joyful.

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