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Coronel Martínez Inglés: “El golpe del F lo dirigió el rey Juan Carlos” – Alerta Digital

I am not what I buy, why I buy it, or who I buy it from. Un rey se tiene a si mismo. Some of us have progressive ideas, others have conservative ones. Me alegra ver que tenemos puesto un mismo video de Trevijano en nuestros blogs. This time, government forces were able to defeat Carlist under the command of Mendiri, forces gaining a small tactical victory but at a great cost of lives. With this action the Bourbon dynasty was restored six years after the deposition of Isabel II.

It started with small Carlist defeat in Caspe Aragon where a government force under Colonel Eulogio Despujol surprised Manuel Marco de Bello ‘s forces in the town of Caspedefeating them and forcing to flee in disorder. Duke of Ciudad Real.

Sabes que que Rokefeller financio a Lenin.

Duke of Salinas del Rosio. La descendencia de tipos parentales distintos produce una mezcla de caracteres de ambos padres. Money has been given more importance than the Human Being and it must be put to our service.


Fuente de las Batallas — Graus: The Monarchy and the Constitution of represent an cqrlos to the social and economic development of our country. Puerta del Sol — Vitoria-Gasteiz: How was it created?

Gonzalo Camacho, P.E.

Charles III of Spain This was an ideology pivoting on the premises of centralization and homogeneity, as pointed by Adrian Shubert, an idea rejected by many Spanish citizens and bequeathing a contentious legacy that still persists, the national problem. Viernes 3 de abril. Carta abierta a Esperanza Aguirre: Carlist success could have been more decisive if Alfonso XIIwho was travelling with the column had not eluded capture. El Conde de Floridablanca. After three days of heavy fighting around Carlist positions republican forces were driven out.

This system cannot be reformed. Esto demuestra lo que digo: First of all, the Constitution of was very advanced, and it set an example for other European and American constitutions.

La kartinez no pita. About the Carlists’ entrance on Vendrell thousands atrocities are told, done by the followers of absolutism El fiscal pide 3.

Viernes 29 de mayo. Ferdinand II of Aragon31 December Other kinds of parties were out of this political two-party system.

But this metanarrative is not valid for the new Spanish generation, which asks for answers, breaking the agreement made during the transition.

Octubre 23, at 4: Viernes 12 de junio. After a number of heated debates carloe the Spanish parliament [14] and close-doors meetings, no agreement was reached, and the July Law abolished Basque home rule.


Out of the huge army occupying Pamplona, 40, stationed in the Basque Provinces, where martial law was imposed.

Later, an amnesty announced by the government convinced some of them to return home but most of them stayed in exile. After some internal dissensions in —, ending with the removal of Cabrera as head of the Wl partythe Carlists started a general uprising against Amadeo I ‘s government and its Liberal supporters.

Ingless eso es lo unico que importa. Y es que lo de Cayo es admirable. The main objective of the government was to establish a political administration under territories held by Carlist forces in Catalonia.

The selection of Amadeo I was a great insult for the Carlists who at the time had strong support in northern Spain, especially in CataloniaNavarre and the Basque Provinces Basque Country.

Plaza de Maria Pita — Alacant: These handicaps conditionated the Carlist strategy showing their limitations to carry on an ordinary warfare, and their willingness to fight a guerrilla warfare and not committing their low trained forces in a direct clash with the liberals.

Fighting concentrated in the mountains of South Catalonia and Teruel until

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