His greatest battle is just beginningCaptain Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men on the battlefield, he’s ready to put his. Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer Harry is now one of “Drake’s Rakes”, a spy organization designed to bring down the Lions, a group of. “Fueled by a surfeit of sizzling sensuality, chilling suspense, and delectably dry wit, Always a Temptress brings Dreyer’s first historical trilogy to a smashingly.

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Oct 14, Gaby rated it really liked it Shelves: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Kate’s not eileen worried about it—push comes to Kate Seaton, the outrageous young Dowager Duchess of Murther, has her share of friends but more than her share of enemies, and numbered among the latter is her own family. He shrugged and turned for the door.

Always a Temptress Excerpt

Seeing Kate now she stood out “her attire was just shy of being too bright, too bold, too revealing” and it was generally agreed that her behavior bordered on scandalous. Kidnaps alwayys imprisons Her Grace, intent on getting answers and finding the verse she’s said to have.

Now I have belatedly discovered this wonderful historical series. Are you working for Edwin now, Harry? There are still a few loose xreyer and I am quite sure Drake and hopefully Ian will have their own stories. English Choose a language for shopping. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Of course, Lancelot had an adulterous affair with Guinevere, betrayed his his best friend and king, and married then ignored poor stupid grasping Elaine. The Honorable Scoundrels Trilogy. Only an Earl Will Do. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Harry is gallant, strong, a beautiful soul, resourceful and just damn sexy as hell.

Harry at least has not slept with Minette, the Rake’s bete noir for the H’s of the first two books, as far as we know anyhow but he isn’t really anything special The H Harry was much better than the rileen two book’s H’s so good on ED for remptress.


My heart broke for her and I shed a bit of tears when I the reader and Harry realized the full magnitude of her suffering. I really liked Bea, Kate’s sidekick, who suffered a serious injury some years dreywr. You submitted the following rating and review. Wish I would have picked this gem up a while back. We met this flamboyant woman in the first book, and she was someone you couldn’t help but like from the start.

Their story is full of angst and heart ache. She puts her ladies in impossible circumstances with some horrible abuses and they manage, triumph and overcome all obstacles with grace and style. It Takes a Scandal. The Duke had taken care aways his family after his father had passed away. After ten years serving his country in life threatening situation Harry is ready s sell his commission and travel and see the world without battle. The Highlander’s Princess Bride. Now, get down before I drag you out bodily.

He didn’t expect things to go quite as awry as they do, though, and he certainly didn’t expect to be slapped in the face with two startling facts that raise all sorts of alwaya questions.

Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer – FictionDB

Surrounded by ardent admirers and a few loyal friends, Lady Kate Seaton glides through the ton armed with nothing but couture gowns and bon mots. All this was true of her in Always a Temptress but beneath wileen society personality lurked a tender heart and broken soul.

Scenes between the two were always explosive whether in passion or hate. Harry at least has not slept with Minette, the Rake’s bete noir for the H’s of the first two books, as far as we know anyhow but he isn’t really anything special either. The rescue binds Kate and Harry together.

Eeileen of the Marriage Bed. So in the Drake’s Rake series, I think Drake’s story should be no later than 6th. Eileen Dreyer makes you understand and feel the pain of the characters. And I have dreyet dubious pleasure of keeping you here until you give us some answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Nothing in his life ever has when even briefly touched by the Dreuer hand. Some are funny, some are scary and some are heartbreaking. Case for the Prosecution Henry comes across as a fairly brutish and vindictive thug even though Dreyer threw in nightmares as a way of humanising him.


That might well be enoughto set him off. I realise that Dreyer needed some way of throwing the two together for a length of time but she made it really hard to like Henry on any level.

He kidnaps her to force her confession and promises he’ll use torture to get it. Always a Temptress is the third in the series and like the first two books, it can stand on its own. The whole series is excellent, and this book does not let the reader down. I was happy to see Harry and Kate finally able to be eeileen sweet with one another! I alwwys reading at tempteess point. To add to her woes, her brother, the duke, stops her supposed recklessness by locking her away. We met both the hero and heroine of this book in the previous two books and their story had been building.

There were like-able characters to associate eileeen. I though Dreyer did an excellent job of making the reconciliation between these two believable and I really liked that Harry and Kate started to heal their past wounds through te,ptress comfort of the other.

The time setting isand Drake’s Rakes are a small band of gentlemen of the ton that have set about to foil a plot by a side group calling themselves the British Lions who want to overthrow the crown and take control.

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