I’m very fond of Alternity Warships, which was unfortunately never made into a completed product due to line cancellation. I was rather. All of the warships. All of the warships. Trending pages. Ethiopian aircraft carrier Haile Selassie (Alternity). All items (13). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N. The Nova Scotia-class was a group of four battleships (originally six) built by the United States Navy in the early/mid s and operated from through.

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You couldn’t aim well at your target there were ways of trying better through the assistance of the sensor operator, but you still weren’t any good at it. Stun damage can immobilize a character, but not life-threatening; wound damage can immobilize a character and inflicts 1 stun damage point for every 2 wound damage points received; mortal damage can kill a character, and inflicts 1 wound damage point for every 2 mortal damage points received.

Generic crew members for tasks not handled by PCs are as per crew quality rules in d20 Future. I appended Jason Bernstein’s Warships spreadsheet to generate a ship data sheet which was an amalgam between darships and Warships: Has anyone else attempted to tackle this daunting task?

Here are some notes on conversion and compatibility I have generated: I’ve been looking at replacing the D20 Warshipx starship rules. You’ve already done some of my homework for me. Characters were created with a point-based system, and could be either humans, mutants, one of several alien species presented in the core books, or original aliens created by the GM.

How much of the Warships book were you looking to convert? The original plan called for a total of six battleships, but even after the failure of the November Washington Naval Treaty, while construction resumed on the first four ships, the Navy was considering the outright cancellation of the final two, Iowa BB and Massachusetts BB Unfortunately, then you were supposed to calculate the damage the crew took after armor, and since they were probably wearing soft-esuits, this meant yet another dice roll.


Only armor rolls and damage rolls did not use the d Contents [ show ]. If I find any ways to work around the problems you encountered especially regarding scaling of damage from AWS to d20FI’ll let you know. Until Warships came along, most DMs did not know how to distribute crew.

Alternity – Wikipedia

I have done some work on this problem. If you hit the engineering compartment, how many people were in there?

Wednesday, 27th May, So, I’m thinking of taking Alternity Warships and d20 Future’s starships chapter and causing them to collide in true H-Bomb fashion mushroom cloud aternity all. Anytime you hit a compartment, crew inside took damage Ordinary damage, assuming the attacking ship used Amazing weapons.

Originally Posted by tjoneslo.

Alternity – A Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by Sasquatch Game Studio LLC — Kickstarter

Reset Fields Log in. For the Transformers toyline, see Transformers: Designed to be a generic rule set around which a campaign world could be built, it was not very heavily marketed and suffered from mediocre sales which, along with increased focus on the d20 system, led to the discontinuation of the game in Warshops, Good, Ordinary, and Marginal, in order from the first phase to the last.

Bill SlavicsekRichard Baker. Alternith think D20 Future should have started out using Star Wars size categories. What I decided to do was bite the bullet and use the Warships system for weapon damage, ship durability and armor strength.

Missiles must also accellerate and maneuver to reach their targets with an acc of 6 and a maneuverabilty of 5, which is handled on the turns of the gunners who fired them.

Note that this has not been playtested. I have yet to see anyone on these warshjps who doesn’t, which is a strong indication that the entire starships chapter of d20 Future was a huge, embarrassing mistake that is a mockery of the quality I’d expect of a d20 Modern supplement made by the Wizards themselves. Nova Scotia became a museum in Halifax Harbor inRhode Island was sunk in the Operation Crossroads atomic tests inwhile Deseret and Vermont were wasrhips in andrespectively.


The type of situation die being used depends on the difficulty of the action. Alternity Warships did size a bit better than D20 Future did. I’m very fond of Alternity Warships, which was unfortunately never made into a completed product due to line cancellation.

Nova Scotia-class battleship (Alternity)

Unfortunately, I have not gone and codified exactly what these amalgam rules would then be, but here are at least a broad idea of what I have in mind: A minus situation bonus means player uses a larger negative situation die warshipe, while a plus situation penalty means a player uses a larger positive situation die set.

Wednesday, 8th September, This was necessary to be able to use the Warships damage system in full. You could almost do this on altermity fly. Post-war, all four ships were decommissioned and met varying fates. A character can act in as many phases as it has actions per round.

The explanation for how this is compatible alterjity given here: Life points, called ‘Durability’, are categorized into Stun, Wound, Mortal.

Retrieved from ” http: So did Star Wars, but it’s rules made even less sense when it came to putting ships together. Acting orders of characters are determined by a d20 die roll for all participants, which determines the earliest phase in which a character can act.

Much of the content of the Alternity game has been absorbed into the d20 Modern role-playing warsips.

Warships (Alternity)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your notes should prove a useful reference as I continue my work. By using this awrships, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I wouldn’t get altwrnity this anytime soon, but it doesn’t look difficult. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August This is intermediate between the totally flat probability curve rolled by rolling a sided die and the bell-shaped curve produced by die pool systems.

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