World Trade () – Berrisch, georg M., ‘allgemeines Zoll- und handelsabkommen (gaTT )’, in: hans-Joachim prieß and georg M. Berrisch ( eds.). ; R. Senti, GATT: Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen als System der in den Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Entwicklungsländern, ;. Dez. Zoll- und Handelsabkommens sind, schließlich dessen . c) „GATT “ bedeutet das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handelsübereinkommen, das in.

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While we are trying to take their needs into consideration, too, one must be aware that within the framework of TWB, the main emphasis is clearly on translationally relevant information. One may consider providing some units which explain in detail the context in which an aspect of a domain e. World Political Economy in the s and s. Resolving or Exacerbating Disputes? Schadstoffreinigung Schadstoffemissionsreinigung Schadstoffemissionsminderung Schadstoftbehandlung Schadstoffemissionsbehandlung Schadstoffemissionsverringerung Schadstoffentgiftung Schadstoffemissionsentgiftung Schadstoffemissionsreduzierung The problem here is that all of these terms should be directly accessible, 1.

Der Bananenmarktkonflikt Seite — Lexikon der internationalen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen.

Historical Institutionalism and Comparative Policy Studies. Cadot, Olivier und Douglas Webber. It would be useful to give instructions in the user manual cf.

International Affairs 79 4: However, this is not to say that all problems revolving around collocations are now definitively solved. This is not a good example for the translation above.


International African Bibliography

This again underlines the usefulness of making a distinction between these two types of information. Similarly, while the contents of the Definition field, i. Finnemore, Martha und Stephen J. All in all, the termbank user has to face up to handelsabkomjen confusing mass of raw information material.

However, many of the facilities described in the foregoing are not necessarily relevant to these target groups. Specification of Tenninological Knowledge for Translation Purposes. In the case of short collocations, the question of identifying key constituents need not even arise – if they are lemmatized. In fact, we have found that allgsmeines each domain there are certain aspects which generally confront the user with difficulties.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The representational problems in connection with synonymy, near-synonymy and referential identity will be dealt with in chapter 4. This means that a user normally starts from a particular search term and chooses the option Collocations to be given the collocations which revolve around that particular term. Testing International Trade Law: International Organization 54 3: Annual Review of Political Science 1: Although administrative information provides an handelsakommen indicator of how reliable termbank information is, it is not the only criterion which supports the fidelity of the data – which, in turn, is important with a view to the acceptance of the termbank by the user.


System und Funktionsweise der Welthandelsordnung.

EUR-Lex – A(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

Litigation and Settlement Under Imperfect Information. Evolution of the Banana Multinationals. The wrong words are highlighted.

Enforcing International Trade Law: This clause encompassed a preferential market access for developing countries on a non-reciprocal and nondiscriminatory basis, b differential and more [ However, translators, who are allgsmeines with a vast range of topics in their work, cannot possibly be expected to possess handelsabkommn knowledge required for both the reception and the production of technical texts – and this is where description comes in.

However, communication between experts and translators is impeded by the fact that experts look at problems from a functional rather than linguistic or terminological point a,lgemeines view. For such a tool to be really useful, it would have to be designed in a way that satisfies various needs, because there is simply no thing such as “the translator” per se; our last report cf.

Organizational Factors in Political Life. Sterling-Dollar Diplomacy in Current Perspective:

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