Praise. “A well-crafted page-turner that addresses the most important issue of our time. It will keep you reading well into the night.”—Vince Flynn “Berenson. Alex Berenson’s debut novel of suspense, The Faithful Spy, is a sharp, explosive The first spy thriller to grapple squarely with the complexities and terrors of. The Faithful Spy. Posted on August 20, by Alex Berenson. Release Date: April 25, Published: April 25, Buy: amazon · barnesandnoble.

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Even if John can guess where and how, conscientious cops will flood his back with a fatal fusillade. His observations of America are scarily on-point and reminiscent of Andre Dubus’ in the “The House of Sand and Fog” and the action delightfully plotted.

Berenson gets 5 stars for inventing the faithful spy, John Wells. From faithtul point on the novel evolves into a suspenseful story that is stunning in detail. Allah, al Qaeda, his country?

It will keep you reading well into the night. In this first novel of the series, the character of Wells is still developing.

The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson | : Books

Somewhat like some other super agents of recent vintage Wells is a killing machine, but he has a soul and that a very well done espionage novel about John Wells, a CIA spy who infilitrates Al Quaida and comes in from the cold to attempt to stop a plot to destroy New York City with a dirty bomb.

In fact, one of the best I’ve read in this type of “CIA action spy thriller” genre, in terms of characterization and plot. During this book Wells is infected with bacteria, but this ailment is oddly, not mentioned in any of the other Wells novels. His recurring challenge in alx book is his faith: Read it in a day. The result is ghe his CIA bosses no longer trust him while his Al Qaeda faithfuul do not completely trust him either.


But sticking to the facts can be frustrating. Now, on the orders of Omar Khadri—the malicious mastermind plotting more al Qaeda strikes on America—Wells is coming home.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Their romantic heart-to-heart, which lead to her absolute faith in him, consisted of her telling him about how she lost her virginity to a biker at a party. The submarines and fighter jets of today.

Blame the United States. John Wells is a complicated man, a man of irony. And so the agency freezes Wells out, preferring to rely on high-tech means for gathering intelligence.

I will be checking out more books in the series as well. In the wake of a failed mission in Syria, John Wells and his old boss Ellis Shafer realize the unthinkable has come to pass.

Change description 2 16 Oct 28, Only Exley believes in him. I like a little brains with my boom-boom, and this author delivers it in spades Tourik Durant, a graduate student studying micro-biology at McGill University in Montreal is developing a strain of Y pestis to unleash pneumonic plague. No, I am not a prude but believe me, any woman losing her virginity does not go about doing it the way this woman did.

THE FAITHFUL SPY by Alex Berenson | Kirkus Reviews

I think I do a good job portraying that pressure. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jenny was a young CIA recruit when she and Wells first met, but she always knew Wells fhe surface someday.


This was a great read. Khadri nicknames attack ‘Yellow’ to John, for a target in downtown Manhattan.

And of course it has its bad points; – When he escaped and the CIA just let him go. But for my first novel I wanted to write a tight book, a book that would keep readers in suspense until the last page, that would be gritty and real and build to a ale that feels surprising and inevitable at the same time.

During the battle he and his crew of Al-Qaeda members are on a hillside where a group of United States Marines are stationed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I think the point in this in the book is faithrul to say, “see all Muslims aren’t radicals”.

The Faithful Spy

The CIA director is a laughable caricature in this first book, a bit painful in conception. From then on the book sometimes breaks new ground. View all 4 comments. Wells speaks perfect Arabic and a smattering of other languageshas converted to Islam, and has painstakingly managed to gain the trust tye al Queda’s top brass, including the big dog Osama bin Laden himself.

I’ll give some details below but I know some like an answer of sorts “up front”. Your book feels very real.

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