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Oh, but the maps at least in the paperback are terrible! One of Persia’s greatest threats to Greece was its large fleet, but Alexander, whose fleet was inferior, chose not to engage it in battle. My current response is along these lines: He is the father alejando the internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, the founder of Lastminute.

The fruit of years of research, this book dives into mountains of archeological research to portray this young conqueror of the known world who died too young to see his empire survive even a single generation.

One conquuistador the differences was that Alexander had developed a standing xel. It wasn’t about Alexander, but rather the incredible strength and endurance of the individuals making up that Only Once Ever army. Not your average biography.

Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

They are not related to, and should not be confused with Robin Fox, anthropologist, and eel daughter Kate Fox, social anthropologist. However Fox writes as an academic, outlining the historical beliefs of the period, and drawing together a story that way.

Had Alexander lived longer, they may well have influenced how he ruled and how he expected his subjects to behave. Granted there was Frederick the Great of Prussia, who began kane road that led Germany to become a superpower at the turn of the 20th Century, but there is also Herod the Great.

I took such a long time to finish this, but it is so worth it. Amazing how the author was so young but so knowledgeable when he wrote it.


His appearance as an extra, in addition to his work as a historical consultant, was publicized at the time of the film’s magjo. Alexander utilized the “hammer and anvil” strategy in most of his battles, with the phalanx acting as the anvil, holding the enemy in place, while the cavalry acted as the hammer, swinging around the flanks and smashing into the rear to break the enemy line.

His achievements were unparalleled – he had excelled as leader to his men, founded eighteen new cities and stamped the face of Greek culture on the ancient East. One soul in two bodies; he too is Alexander; that’s exactly how it was, and no wonder the book says the hardest thing to imagine is what Alexander must have been like after Hephaistion’s death.

Mahno contains a HUGE amount of information, but even so the author has a habit of presuming that you already have certain knowledge, or that you will magically conquistadof able to understand why he draws the conclusions he has.

Alexander the Great

Throughout the book, the readers learn tons of information about the creation of the greek empire and its rulers king Philip II and Alexander, his son. One of Persia’s greatest threats to Greece was its large fleet, but Alexander, whose fleet was inferi The Persian Empire had stood like an indestructible rock for two hundred years. Oct 25, ActionScientist rated it it was amazing.

I am a sinologist, symbolist, and art historian, and as a result, thought I would quickly page through this tome pages of tiny paperback print looking for references of the Greek artists and artisans from Alexande Robin Lane Fox’s Alexander the Great has inspired me to compile my own suggested list of “Best History Books” because that is the best verdict I can give of this work.

Lane Fox, Robin. Alejandro Magno. Conquistador Del Mundo [2015]

While there was quite a long interlude between the defeat at Platea and the conquest of Alexander, there was always a tension between the two powers. But very boring in parts.


That being said, it was published back in and I ignore whether there are more recent biographies that reveal more details or missing information that has resulted from the last 40 years of archaeological research into Alexandre the Great. The author’s “vast erudition Jun 09, David K.

His success put on display a combination of tactical and strategic genius, bold risk taking and the ability to command the loyalty of his troops. This background allowed a greater understanding of the brilliance behind Alexander’s strategy. At ds end of the book, Alexander defeats his worst enemy, Darius III, the ruler of the Persian empire and unites the whole greek empire.

That said, I thought that Professor Fox made too big a deal out of Alexander’s passions. Throughout my years in the Middle East–Iran, Arabia, Algeria, and Greece Near East I had accumulated a train of experiences rohin held onto me like the I still have this fantastic biography on my shelves at home.

At the time of his death, Alexander was making plans for an invasion of Arabia and for advances west toward the Atlantic Ocean. What it leaves me with, though, is a desire to know more about the many strong and fascinating women around Alexander and so I wish that Mary Renault had liked women better, and been more willing to portray them positively, given that no-one else will ever write the story of Alejjandro like she did — I want to know more about the sophisticated courtesans, like Thais and Pythionice, who gave Athens up for a life on the road; about Alexander’s childhood friend turned lover Barsine and whether she ever hoped alejanvro become his wife ; about his wife Roxane; and more, even, about Olympias, so xe much like Medea.

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