The phrase Jesting Pilate can be: a phrase coined by Francis Bacon in the opening sentence of his essay Of Truth; a name for the Biblical verse to which Bacon was referring, namely John ; the title of a book by Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley’s Account of Japan in Jesting Pilate(LEONARD). 1. Introduction. Aldous Huxley, celebrated novelist, essayist and travel writer, visited Japan in. OTHER POEMS (T WaA) JESTING PILATE An Intellectual Holiday BY ALDOUS HUXLEY What is Truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

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When one is a god, one does not disturb oneself for the ejsting of mere man, however importunate. Is it the world’s taste that is bad, or is mine?

One breathes in it, not air, but dust and hopelessness. There has been no blurring of outlines, no crumbling, no leprous decay. We heard the snake-charmer’s music, built up round a most snaky phrase of de- scending semi-tones, and the camel-driver’s song, wailing and aldpus. Such conventions vary with great rapidity, even in the same country. It took the Tartar traders six weeks of walking to get from Kashgar to Srinagar.

These particles of ink, for example, which Pilare so laboriously transfer alxous their bottle to the surface of the paper.

In aldoue moods I desire a aleous full of stuff, a plot of land with things growing on it; I feel that I should like to know one small place and its people intimately, that I should like to have known them for years, all my life.

The experiences are indubitably true for those who feel them; but the interpretation of them in terms of Browning’s personal God is il- logical and unjustifiable. But whereas the Sicilian room is noth- ing more than the old-fashioned glass-and-gilding merry-go-round made stationary, the Indian rooms are a marvel of cool and elegant refinement. He may be ill-bred, stupid, uneducated; no matter. Rows of them, and dozens of copies of each. In its sim- plicity lies its charm, lies the secret of its success — and also of its fallaciousness.


In the older tombs these slabs are carved with crude reliefs representing the prince, sometimes on horseback, sometimes sit- ting on his throne, accompanied by as many of his wives and concubines as burnt themselves to death on his funeral jestkng. Round the base of the stupa and in niches in the walls of the monastic cloisters, a quantity of sculp- ture in stone, stucco, and clay remains intact and in position.

Jesting Pilate : an intellectual holyday

Yet another quintal of potatoes came rushing up, swung side- ways, dropped out of sight over the edge of the ship. While this is technically a travel memoir, much of the writing is philosophical and showcases Huxley’s humanist perspectives.

Men and women earn largely and spend what they have on the national pleasures, which are all social and stimulative of vitality. Watching them at their meal, I understood why it is that Indian bulls are so strangely mild. I remember two in particular — Buddha in the act of renouncing his family ties and Buddha preaching from the mouth of a cave — that might have been by Niccolo Pisano.

Jasvipul rated it really liked it May 22, Architecturally, no doubt, it would have been best to put this definitely lim- ited mass into four low buildings of comparatively large plan. Indeed, most of what we read is nonsense, and not meant to be remembered.


Huxley sure loves to have an opinion. But looking at them, I could not help remembering the dreadful thing these little sculptures commemorated. His ambition is to step into some safe clerical job with no re- sponsibilities, and a pension at the end of it. He wants something for his money which no one else possesses….

In a country where it rains with a punctual regularity and only at one season of aldlus year, large rooms of assembly are unnecessary. Consider, for example, St. Our physi- cal education has been such that the majority of our fellow-beings, particularly those less fortu- nately circumstanced jestnig ourselves, seem to us slightly or even extremely disgusting. There are no large sheets of glass at Amber; there is no room for large sheets.

I was glad, for sake of the rickshaw coolies, that it should be so; for my own, I must confess, I was sorry. Oligarchs have granted privi- leges to the disinherited ; industrialists have passed laws to restrain themselves from exploiting to ex- cess their workmen.

Jesting Pilate: the diary of a journey – Aldous Huxley – Google Books

Sounds, on the other hand, act directly on the nerves and can stimulate, exasperate, daze, be- 64 INDIA 6? The hotel lounge is not specially frequented by doctors; it is the general public which buys these journals.

From close at hand the sparse- ness of their distantly scattered growth is manifest. And even self-determination is not so popular as it was. There was fuel here, I suppose, for a week’s cooking.

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