The documents below are the operating instructions for the K-fee® listed capsule machines. If your targeted manual is not located below, please contact our. Read the full instruction manual before use. This quick start guide only Insert the EXPRESSI® Hot Chocolate capsule and select the large cup button (mL). View and Download ALDI Expressi quick start manual online. multi-beverage capsule machine. Expressi Coffee Maker pdf manual download.

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This will result in fire, electrocution and most likely death. Having said that it also suffers from similar problems in that the coffee is roasted and ground overseas and then sent via sea container to here.

The pump is rubber mounted and sits on top of a spring to try and minimise the vibration and noise. You may check out as a guest. Hi, Im not a member of the Coffeesnobs site but I read your review with a great deal of surprise.

The “strength” that they refer to appears to be mostly the roast depth. How to clean and descale my machine. Without exaggeration this might be the single worst espresso Ive ever had the misfortune to taste. As for the coffee system as long as i know the problem i would mod my own to correct it at that price warranty isnt a concern but the MAP coffee makers are better IMO but also more expensive but on the plus side they dont need modding to get a decent pour.

Using the hot water function only produced 60C water. Im under no illusion that price point always dictates quality and performance. You open a sealed ground coffee package and its only fresh for maybe amount of coffees consumed for that day, then its going stale.

At the short height a ml take-away cup just fits under the spout. Exoressi case of the Expressi only looks pretty for a minute or two. Maybe they will put one on the bench and taste the coffee before pimping them on the streets?


Orders can only be sent within Australia.

ALDI expressi Quick Start Manual

Lower cost, better for the planet and far more interesting for their taste buds. I guess the real question is: BTW, I also have tried a few Nespressos lately and while still not as good as my Jura, its manaul better exprdssi the Aldi machine.

At the time there were just another 5 boxes there so I guess they would have sold those within the hour. I was honestly shocked how bad it was. Today I mznual a second machine to have at work. Always use a liquid solution and never use vinegar, vinegar cleaners, salt, tablets or powders, as they may harm the machine. I think with a little more care and research they could have produced much better coffee from the same machine.

How do you keep the fresh ground coffee from coming out of the pod after you insert back into the machine? This site uses a secure SSL certified and integrated payment gateway.

Customer Support

Not suprisingly the large “Swiss Engineered” logo appears heavily on multiple sides of the box and in all the promotional material. Minor but annoying just the same – The power cord had disolved some of the sytrene packaging it was in contact with.

Ultimately, this machine is marketed for convenience and cost per cup. Please try a coffee from this machine before you buy it. It failed as the Expressi machine groaned trying to push the water through. The left hand side has a nice little flow meter for the volumetric shots. I have no problem getting “crema” but its always white and bitter and gushes out of the spout akin to the way a pressurised basket manyal a cheap espresso machine does.

Maybe in Europe it hits the shelves earlier but certainly not here.


Aldi printed tonnes of glossy junk mail and it was hand delivered it into every letterbox in this area. Maybe not International Dust Orders Track my order s.

Hehe, there is a market for bad coffee Did you used few layers of glad wrap to seal it? The manual also shows how to set the volume of the small and large shot buttons. By registering an account mahual the site you can access your purchase history and store your shipping address.

Support :: ALDI EXPRESSI Coffee Capsule Machine & Accessories Australia

Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Review – Lots of pictures At a guess, the capsules for the longer drinks have a little more coffee in them and the “stronger” ones have both robusta and are darker. Descale your machine with a liquid solution once a month or as required depending on usage, water hardness or if the drinking capsules that you are using contain milk. Clean your machine with a liquid solution 3 times a month, or as required depending on usage or if the drinking capsules that you are using contain milk.

None of the 3 different capsules I tried had any body so Im certainly with her there. I was thinking of going for a look but I wont need to now.

User manual | K-FEE

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the link. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

How secure is the checkout process? What should I use to clean and descale my machine? It will be interesting to see how this goes as there is a fine line between convenience and quality in the coffee category which can be hard to get right.

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