A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism. Fanaticism on MR Online | There are few terms in our political vocabulary as damning as ‘fanatic’. Beyond tolerance Posted Oct 02, by Alberto Toscano. In his Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea, the scholar Alberto Toscano traces the history of the idea of fanaticism, a politics of passionate and unconditional.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. May 04, Pages. As a response to Burke and conservative thought, Toscano brings up the German philosopher Immanuel Kant and his albedto of abstraction and revolutionary enthusiasm in the same terms that Kant supported the French Revolution.

This is not primarily tiscano matter, as it is often thought, of consideration for the enemy. Jack Heslehurst rated it really liked it Mar 19, The massacre of the whites, was a tragedy: The principal political tasks posed by political Islam are not, as some liberals and former leftists would have it, the defense of the liberal Enlightenment against fanaticism and unreason.

It’s not an easy read, but it is worth the effort. State socialism too was often read in a psychological and religious key, leaving aside serious historical and sociological analyses.

Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept

Stay in Touch Sign up. We can point to the common interests of workers in the public and private sectors of the economy, notwithstanding the real differences between them, only on the basis of abstraction and generalization.

May 09, Anthony Galluzzo rated it really liked it. This is the case in nationalistic fanaticism, which Kant sets against cosmopolitanism. Although as of this writing I am about half-way through Alberto Toscano’s book, I’m impressed with what I’ve read.

The meaning of fanaticism | International Socialist Review

Showing how fanaticism results from a failure to formulate an adequate emancipatory politics, this illuminating history sheds new light on an idea that continues to dominate debates about faith and secularism.


Progress Publishers, His defense of Muntzer contra Cohn is particularly convincing. Chapter on Marx and religion manages to add something to the old insight that opium is medicine, salvific, not necessarily a pure befuddlement and distraction. The more sophisticated proponents of this type of liberal politics claim to represent the traditions of the Enlightenment: As is well-known, in the Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel recognizes in this negating movement of abstract, subjective freedom the spiritual force behind the Reign of Terror and its ruthless logic of suspicion — fanaticsim idea that Alain Badiou has recently brought back in The Century 9 in order to summarize the essence of the twentieth century.

But they do not consider structural realities such as racism and particularly U. Apr 25, Brad rated it really liked it.

On the other hand, and because critical thinking is a requirement of radical left politics, leftists cannot hide their values alberho politics from fear of offending the supporters of political Islam, even though both oppose imperialism and racism.

In the Philosophy of HistoryIslam appears as a triumph over Jewish particularism, the birth of a true and proper universal character. Tom Blackburn rated it liked it Jan 19, Laura rated it really liked it Aug 08, Reason and a critical spirit are the political requirements to prevent dogmatism, triumphalism, as well as the brutalization and dehumanization that have been associated with many forms of political change, including revolutions.

Fanaticis a certain Negritude fanwticism Antonio variety. The same can be said for our objections to the Iranian rulers, given their vulnerability to attacks by the U.

Irteza Binte-farid rated it alnerto it Aug 05, Inspired fnaticism Your Browsing History. Tracy Soo-Ming rated it really liked it May 24, This other, according to Toscano, occupies two, ostensibly antithetical, positions within the liberal imaginary: For Kant, fanaticism is always a transgression of the limits of human reason, a metaphysical delirium.

Francesco Tenaglia rated it liked it Feb 17, However, that does not mean they can guide and determine political action. Thus, Kant made an effort to distinguish between enthusiasm, which he favored, and fanaticism, which he tsocano not. Published May 4th by Verso first published November 15th Instead, in a radical new interpretation, he places the fanatic at the very heart of politics, arguing that historical and revolutionary transformations require a new understanding of his role.


Or better, in the Hegelian discourse on fanaticism there is a strange short circuit between an exquisitely immanent moment of the European spirit and the appearance of its non-European and ahistorical Other.

In Kant, the defence of authority that we encountered in Luther reemerges: Toscano builds on the theoretical rejuvenation of radical thought effected by Zizek and Badiou, which he combines with meticulous intellectual history.

Azad Rahaman rated it really liked it Mar 11, This could give the impression of a simple refutation, liberal or conservative, of a radical politics of principle. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

One such concept, which turns out to be historically and logically related to the notion of fanaticism, and central to it, is abstraction. Lexington Books, Oliver Goulden rated it really liked it Feb 26, Aug 29, Pages Buy. Toscano shows how the critique of Hobsbawm plays an important role in subaltern studies in India.

Princeton University Press,13, This expanded edition includes new material that revisits the idea of fanaticism as it operates at the limits of the liberal political imaginary, highlighting its relation to fraternal violence, political purity and the refusal of compromise, as well as its centrality to times of social crisis and international conflict. This fascinating study of rebellions throughout various historical periods and countries suggests an evolutionary development from pre-political to the highest political forms of rebellion in terms of consciousness and organization.

Morgan Le Fay rated it liked it May 26,

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