“Entertaining This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas.” -Interzone “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure.” -The Times (UK) “Reynolds’s approach. I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Abigail was very careful about all clones being equal. The reason she can’t. Alastair Reynolds’ House Of Suns, shortlisted for the Clarke Award, is a novel of ideas, with all that implies. The space-opera epic throws a.

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Most science fiction revolves around a method of superluminal travel. Partly, he does this by helping the reader connect to the human feelings that his characters feel, which would be similar regardless of how long one had been around or how far the future extended ahead of them.

House of Suns

One of my all-time favorites. By then, though, it is too late. I also wanted to counterbalance the superscience hardware by playing fair with the scenery, so I tried to set alasttair action in the real Milky Way galaxy, with all the structure and complexity as revealed to us by modern astronomical results. Reddit SF Book Club: I wanted to write a book that was forward looking in terms of the way it examined ideas about interstellar civilisation, artificial intelligence, memory and personality, but also fondly in debt to the marvellous vistas of golden age SF, when the universe truly looked as it might turn out to be our playground.


Members of the Gentian Line are named after flowering plants. If this is the case, it makes the actions of Hesperus towards the end of the book more understandable. Purslane’s memory of Abigail’s time in Palatial could be historically accurate, or her way of hiding the truth from deletion. The first prototype was a little too immersive, Abigail is told.

It is this latter group on which the novel focuses. Indeed, it is the clones’ multiplicity that causes many of their troubles.

House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds | : Books

One minor nitpick, it isn’t Alpha Centauri that goes missing alwstair it is M51 or the Andromeda Galaxy which is absent. The pacing of Alastair Reynolds’ hoouse feel a bit predicatable when you’ve read houes few. These segments in truth add little to the novel, other than chopping up the narrative so as to keep it tensely structured. The galaxy is a dangerous place, fundamentally inimical to human life, and humanity only adds to its problems by being so fragmented and fractious.


He has gone on record as believing that FTL velocities are simply impossible, and, true to his “medium hard” science-fictional approach, refuses to allow it into his works, barring some rule-bending McGuffin such as wormholes. Be the first to discover new talent!

Will have to return for a few more rereads because I’m pretty sure I missed a ton of details in my rush to get to the end. The revelation is supposed to make you review the story and wonder where true recall ends and suppressed memory begins. The group escapes and make their way to the Gentian backup meeting planet, Neume, in the hope of re-grouping with any other Gentians who may have survived the ambush.

The story is narrated, in the first person, by all three Abagail, Campion, and Purslanealternating between the three in different chapters; this is difficult to get used to, for the first few chapters, if you don’t know beforehand about the triple first-person narrating which I didn’t ; but now you know.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The author puts it all together in a compelling read full of sfnal surprise and sense of wonder. Voyager 25th Anniversary Edition. Please provide an email address. They try to rescue any survivors but come under attack themselves. Every new experience I choose to remember, every new moment of existence, only adds to the crush.

House of Suns (Literature) – TV Tropes

I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Usns was very careful about all clones being equal. When I was a kid, Others have covered the plotline and central conceits of the novel very well, so I will forbear. Together Hesperus and Purslane find a hideout in a smaller ship in the hold of the Silver Wings of Morning.

Far-future, galaxy-spanning space opera involving clones, robots, mass murder and hundreds of post-human cultures, some alive, most extinct, set in a universe different than Reynolds’ Revelation Space yarns Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days, etc.


Every chapters brings a flashback interjection that slowly reveals details and moves everything forward. Retrieved November 4, I moved the action forward another four million years and introduced a significant new factor into galactic geopolitics: Print hardcover and paperback.

Sign up using Email and Password. The Commonality a confederation of the various Lineshorrified and ashamed of this pointless genocide, erased all knowledge of the event from historical records and their own memories.

The whole thing is written in first person, with two main point of view characters in alternating chapters.

And, of course, the ancient machinery of the vanished Krell…. To give away no more of the plot than the book’s own blurb, House of Suns wreaks this mortality upon the Gentian line, leaving it by the end of the book with just 50 of its plus members.

View all 61 comments. I was a girl then, a single individual called Cecily. Sns this is surely alsstair more likely outcome—the memory finds expression elsewhere” p. Hesperus is discovered to have a human arm underneath his metal exterior, a fact that even he can’t explain due to his alasttair. That means we can finally harness the power of our own planet. Soon their friendship with Hesperus is solidified in a struggle for survival.

In short, the reclaiming of memory—of knowledge on whatever scale—is a sort of duty to the self, and the only healthy choice.

It is a relationship that really works. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I show yall a house a moon, right. By sending eeynolds shatterlings across the galaxy in search regnolds other intelligent life and the mysteries of deep space, she succeeds in creating an enduring collective consciousness that shares its knowledge and experiences each time the shatterlings make a circuit of the galaxy everyyears.

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