The Folding Star: A Novel [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edward Manners – thirty-three, disaffected, in search of a. The Folding Star [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Booker Prize finalist finally back in print. ‘An extraordinary book which takes the reader into a world of obsession and mystery The Folding Star is lit by insight and humour’ Evening Standard.

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The Line of Beauty: On one hand, I absolutely adored it the language was so beautiful, holy shit but then there satr stuff that bothered me.

Dec 30, Pechi rated it it was ok. He is mostly preoccupied with getting laid.

At one end of the continuum Hollingsworth has characters like Edward, Cherif, Aleyo, and possibly, Matt, all who frequent the gay bar hollinghurs the little Belgian town. It was a generally interesting read but at times felt more like an overtly pornographic novel.

Boy, am I enchanted with this elusive Mr. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of things I liked. It’s about how yearning about a beautiful object can lead to obsession, and nearly take over own’s life.

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Mar 17, Helle rated it liked it Shelves: He spoils all the fun. They are all self-centred in their own way. So you can imagine that when I started on this, my second Hollinghurst, I had pretty high expectations. Influences The high style reflects an obvious Jamesian influence, one which Hollinghurst pays homage to in The Line of Beauty his protagonist Nick Guest is working on a thesis about Henry James.


Homosexuality almost takes over the entire book, with multiple ostensibly heterosexual characters revealing homosexual tendencies foldihg histories and attempting to have sex with the narrator.

The Folding Star – Wikipedia

I listened to three hours of sixteen, and I’ve stopped. Okay, I just re-read The Folding Star after coming across a review that interpreted the ending entirely differently than I did. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The book jacket suggests this novel could be read as a “homosexual Lolita,” and that’s exactly what I thought when I finished.

Refresh and try again. On its anti-hero, William Beckwith, Hollinghurst has said “I suppose I wanted to write about that idea that men think about sex all the time I love that he writes things like this: Alah from the Dance: Ambiguousness has been given a new meaning in this novel.

I am an eternal optimist, obsess for Luc too and want what’s best for him.

I prefer to believe Luc flies to freedom from his dysfunctional life, to discover himself. Hollinghurst is capable of motions foldijg replete stateliness put me in mind not only of Nabokov, but, at times, of Browne and of Gibbon.


Because of this, his sexual fixation with his year-old pupil comes off as unilaterally disturbing, and doesn’t bring across the moral ambiguity that I presume the author intended. And his object of affection is a year old rich kid named Luc whose mother hires him to be his English teacher.

I spent a month with this book. Or as an expanded Death in Venice Unfortunately I never mustered up enough interest in the character to ever feel any sympathy. I say loosely because it takes hundreds of pages before this small link is established and it remained very loose indeed to me.

It’s going to the Op Shop. Feb 03, Exillior rated it really liked it. Byatt, forget Tom Stoppard! There’s a whiff of AIDS in the tale which probably made the sex seem a lot more dangerous upon publication insuggesting that the narrator is not as sexually bulletproof as he thinks, along with the fact that he falls in love because he wants to fall in love and fails to notice that those around him exist outside of how he decides to direct his love.

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