The AKAI SG01V has an average rating of out of 5.(The AKAI SG01V has a total of 14 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:AKAI SG01V ted by B Guy. Also on this page: links to other resources for the AKAI SG01V. The SG01V is the blandest MOST boring looking synthesizer ever: mundane the AKAI SG01V not really it’s more like a homekeyboard with cool sounds in a .

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It’s always nice to be familiar with gear you could find in a pawn shop or Craigslist. I recorded these SG01v demos going through a T.

Good luck on your search. Login or Sign Up. I can’t speak to the Akai as I’ve never played one. Cold war minimal wavish sounds. I just don’t know because I’ve only been aware of this thing for about 30 mins.

There are two on ebay UK I think. Pretty realistic Leslie effect obtained with filter and LFO settings assigned to modulation gs01v.

Akai SG01V

The polyphony is 32 notes, and it is channel poly-timbric. It’s nice to see a piece of gear get the credit it deserves whether its in fashion or not.

A jollyhappy mishmash of several vintage drummachines like -you can guess- theLinndrum and probably some obscure AKAI boxes. Sg01vv Akai may be fantastic, but you may find it as useful as a vocoder or a talkbox. I’ve heard some demos of the former, but I’ve never heard what the latter sounds like.


Very RARE Akai SG01V Vintage Sound Module | eBay

Sb01v they release more of these on the European market? That’s the fun I guess. Thanks for the thread – a good reminder that I should buy one at first opportunity provided the price is right. But you can’t use it very often and if you do, it’s too much. Akaj wish it hadn’t been a half rack module – I hate to admit being so silly, but had it been twice as big I might have taken it more seriously and actually kept it – it’s not like selling it made me rich Sure the vocoder and talkbox are cool as hell.

Incredible synth bass – with the superb mono-legato mode.

There are some effects too, reverb delay etc. I had a similar Roland module at the time, one of those JV-card derived cheapo things that you could get in Vintage Synth, Dance etc. The mod wheel speeds up the effect. Also check below for more info!!!!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised by this synth – because it sounds really goodand even though this is not a super-programmable module, it still is a lot of fun and a nice addition to any musician’s studio.

It sounded good before I bought it. But then again, it’s Akxi. Solid offering of classic drum samples – a la Roland TR, Simmons, and others. It is a “vintage synth module”, hence you won’t find realistic grand pianos, saxophones or acoustic guitars here; instead, you will be treated to a series of classic synthesizer and keyboard patches.


Were more of sb01v released in Europe, I wonder?

And I have noticed dg01v most of the ones I come across for sale are out of Europe or Japan. Luke Eargoggle Style electrobasses. Hey, flat earth, yes that is where I heard tha samples, on synthmania. Akai has always been top notch. Classic house organ, bubbly acid and sounds.

AKAI SG01V – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Not really a fascinating synth to work with, but it does have a number of really useful and musical sounds. Help FAQs Go to top. I got this recently from the Delsin Records yard sale, fishing behind the net for some exotic gear this little module was all that was left after a tsunami of greedy gear addicted producers plundered through the machines. I haven’t heard the emu vintage keys, but I think Akai has alot of knowledge when it comes to using sampling to capture the sound of a vintage synth and I think the sampling might be 16 bit so it makes the sound warmer.

Patch name with audio demo.

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