Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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A bass drum, however, which has very few upper harmonics, could feasibly be sampled at 20kHz. You may also set MIDI parameters for your sample s. This calls up a series of preset envelope templates that have been set within the software of the SXL.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

As a result, take care to watch levels. Loading A Song Please note that this parameter has no effect on single programs, it is only when two or more programs have the same program number that it is effective. The best way to learn how this works is to practise; after a short mwnual, it should become second nature. Two ‘spare’ channels of reverb are also available providing a total of four reverbs. This and the other “! Now, when you 3s000xl MIDI data on that channel, you will play piano and strings together.

Akai S3000XL

Basically, it operates in different amnual which are selected according to what it is you want to do. You will receive something like this screen display: By applying this to panning, each note will be in a different position in the stereo image. Page 68 OFF, you will be able to monitor any other programs that share the same number. In the case of layering three sounds, polyphony will be cut to around ten voices. The type of sounds created here can be long evolving sounds which may find a place in soundtrack work as they can be very dramatic.

Full text of “Akai: SXL owner’s manual”

Pressing will load the chosen file s into memory without deleting anything first. This selects that key position will affect overall loudness.


For example, a stereo program with 5 keygroups would typically show 10 samples 5 X L and R. For non-numeric values i.


If in doubt, make backup copies which should be left at home. Use this instead of pressure or modwheel. This allows you to add EQ, affecting the tone of the sample. In this way, you get all the benefits of a sampler where you can record your own samples and make manjal own programs with the advantage that these sounds are available without lengthy loading times much like a modern synthesiser.

For example, even though your program’s keygroups may extend up to G8, if you set, say, C4 as the high extreme in this field, no sound will be heard above C4. This parameter should normally be set to the default of This is the number which will be called up on receipt of a MIDI Program Change message and corresponds to a patch number on a synthesiser.

Turning it clockwise increases numeric values, and turning it counter-clockwise decreases these values. Aside from all the fun things you can do with envelope shaping, filtering and so forth, it is in a program that you map all these multi-samples across the keyboard. In short, what it means is that as well as owning a superb sampler, you also have a very excellent and versatile analogue style synthesiser.

Secondly, in the event of a stretch going wrong, you still have the original to revert to. In order to be able to have the modwheel for vibrato as an immediate effect, the LFO depth needs to be at 00 otherwise, there will be constant LFO modulation of pitch. Once you have set the start and end points, press F8 – – to discard the unwanted audio either side of the start and end point.

Please ensure that you have saved them to disk before deleting in case you want to come back to them at a later date. If you hear a sound, then at least your audio connections are o. Pressing tSSSM will display this screen: The choices you have for external MIDI control are breath cntrl 2footpedal cntrl 4 and volume cntrl 7.


These offer preset tunings which you can apply to the program. You can layer three parts if you wish. Sectional Editing Here you are presented with four choices. This also serves as a form of ‘undo’ – if you make some kind of mistake in your programming and editing and can’t fix it, you can load the last level of editing back into the sampler.

For example, you might like to see how PART 2 sounds with different piano sounds – move the cursor to PART 2 and, as the sequencer is running, scroll through the different piano programs you loaded using the DATA wheel. As a result, you cannot effectively use autopan with mono echo.

This will set how much key position will affect both rate 2 and rate 4. You may also switch the effects routing to OFF.

You can use this for special effects, of course, but one popular application is to use it to simulate a rotary speaker effect. By layering two programs and setting opposite values i. In the case of layering one program on top of itself, you migint find sending parts to same effects processor is sufficient but, in the case of layering different sounds on top of each other for example, bells and stringsthe strings could be sent to one effects processor and the bell to another.

When increasing tlie resonance, depending on the sound, some very loud peaks may be created as certain strong harmonics get boosted.

It will also load the effects file if the optional EB16 multi-effects processor is fitted. The other fields on this page are: The third method is where you copy keygroup 1 four times and work on each keygroup separately.

Soloing The Current Effect

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