إحكام الأحكام شرح عمدة الأحكام Ahkamul Ahkam: Arabic Only Sharh ‘Umdatul Ahkam By al-Imam (Fiqh) of the hadith as well as combined the views of the Fuqaha. The main source of this research is Ahkamul Fuqaha: Solusi Problematika Hukum Islam, Keputusan Muktamar, Munas dan Konbes Nahdlatul Ulama. Solusi problematika aktual hukum Islam: keputusan muktamar, munas, dan konbes Nahdlatul Ulama, M = [Ahkamul fuqaha: fi muqarrarāt.

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More examples… 1 Allah says: In contrast fiqh is specific. The word used in the definition is conduct amaliyyahwhich qualifies the rules of law to only those that pertain to acts or conducts. This is accomplished by acceptable system of interpretation.

Solusi problematika aktual hukum Islam

This would explain the issue of how do Muslim judges and fuqahaa discover and apply the law. Munakahat – marriage, divorce etc — family matters. These rules are derived from specific provisions in the sources or through ijtihad which is regulated by usul al-fiqh. This may be followed by another rule that is exemption rukhsah. When it is performed properly it is considered as valid sahihotherwise it ahkmul be irregular voidable fasid or null and void batil. To commit murder, suicide or genocide is similarly prohibited.


Nizam al-Hukm wa al-qanuun al-dusturiyy — which includes constitutional and administrative law 6.

Thus the purpose of usul al-fiqh is to regulate the prosess of adjudication ijtihad and to guide the jurist mujtahid in his effort at deducing the rules from the sources. Muamalat – dealing with others 3.

The Development of Usul al-Fiqh 1 Legislative period i. These terms are not synonymous either in the Arabic language or to the Muslim jurists.

Siyaar – International law 7. They lay down basic principles. Concerns with family matters; marriage, divorce and 2. A contract is void when it is deficient in respect of any of its requirement.

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However the hukm may change according to the intention of doing it or omitting it. A voidable contract, although deficient in some respect, is still a contract and produces some of its legal consequences, but not all.

Mahkum fiih the act For the existence of obligations taklif two important conditions need to be fulfilled: Scope of usul al-fiqh The study of usul al-fiqh generally covers the following subject matters: Terminologically, it refers to the sum total of Islamic laws which were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad s. It is developed by the exercise of ijtihad of the jurists. In Islamic legal system, a rule of law in order to be valid has to be derived from the sources of Islamic law.


Ibadat – religious observance 2. Menstruation hinders women from the obligatory of prayer, being in debt hinders the cause of zakat and etc.

Jinayat – criminal law matters 5. No punishment, however, is inflicted for failure to perform it.

In cases of duress, however, one is allowed to consume it if it saves him from dying of thirst. Literally means understanding and knowledge of the law.

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Usul al-fiqh imparts instruction about the available systems of interpretation and their proper use. Wajib, haram and mubah here are the legal rules. Something from which another thing originates, or something upon which another thing is constructed. Thus rules with respect to belief is excluded from ahlamul scope of fiqh.

Mohamed Fadzli Hassan Harun M. The articles are given by our lacturer and class presenter group. Basis, origin, root, foundation and sources.

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