Afzelia quanzensis is a protected tree in South Africa. See also[edit]. List of Southern African indigenous trees. References[edit]. ^ “Protected Trees” (PDF). Like other Afzelia spp., the wood of Afzelia quanzensis is characterized by an excellent stability with little susceptibility to variations in humidity, small shrinkage . Afzelia quanzensis. Fabaceae – Caesalpinioideae. Welw. mahogany bean, lucky bean tree, chamfuti, afzelia. Larvae of the maize cobborer attacking seeds of.

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Afzelia quanzensis occurs in a wide variety of habitats, in dry evergreen forest, open woodland and scrub forest, up to — m altitude.

Wildlings are sometimes collected for planting. Afzelia comprises about 11 species, 7 of which occur in tropical Africa and 4 in South-East Asia. Mahogany Afzelia Quanzensis x – k – jpg www.

The wood affzelia durable and treatment with preservatives is unnecessary, even for usage in permanent humid conditions or in localities where wood-attacking insects are abundant. Kirkia 8 2 Page Like other Afzelia spp. Press into the mixture, cover lightly with soil, and keep moist. It prefers deep, well-drained, sandy soils, and is also found on termite mounds.


Afzelia quanzensis

The tree has ornamental value. The grain is straight to interlocked, texture coarse but even. It is recommended to remove the aril, and to sow the seeds in a 5: Sow in a seedling tray filled with a mixture of river sand and compost 5: View other plants in this family QR code link View other plants in this genus. Older trees are quite resistant to drought.

Sandy, Loam Flowering season: Afrikanische Arzneipflanzen und Jagdgifte. The wood is also used as firewood and for charcoal production. Afzelia quanzensis Afzelia quanzensis in Mimbo forest x – 6k quznzensis jpg www. Furniture made from this wood is traded under the name chamfuti. This makes it an excellent wood for use in pleasure-crafts, especially for keels, stems and panels, for bridges, as well as interior fittings.

Timber Although too dense for many local uses, the timber of A.

Afzelia quanzensis Afzelia quanzensis x – 14k – jpg www. It is closely related to Intsia. Afzelia quanzensis Prelude Medicinal Plants Database x – 33k – jpg www. Dehydrocrepenynic acid acts as inhibitor of conjugation in gram-negative bacteria, which may provide a means to control the spread of afzflia resistance.


Woods injurious to human health: The pod mahogany is a medium to afzwlia, deep-rooted tree, that may grow up to 35 m high, with a large spreading crown.

Flora of Mozambique: Species information: Afzelia quanzensis

Leaf sap is taken against malaria and a leaf filtrate is dropped into the eyes to treat conjunctivitis. It sands to a smooth finish, stains well, and polishes nicely.

The wood of other Afzelia species is similar to that of Afzelia quanzensis: Trees can be managed by lopping and pollarding. Sabonet, Pretoria afzdlia Gaborone Page A root infusion provides a remedy for bilharzia and for certain eye complaints.

Afzelia quanzensis Welw.

In many areas, the minimum bole diameter for harvesting is not respected and larger trees have become rare. Mbambakofi, mukambakusi, mkonge Sw.

Citation in news articles. They are up to mm long and are divided once, with pairs of leaflets. Stipules that are rarely spiny are always present, especially in young growth.

Gluing usually does not cause problems.

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