Historian and author Andrew Jampoler talks about his book [Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot ], in which he chronicles the crash of a crew. Alfa Foxtrot , a U. S. Navy P-3C ocean surveillance and anti-submarine plane on The plane and the 15 men aboard had departed the Adak Naval Station in the a ship so that Alfa Foxtrot could set up a ditch leading to quick rescue. Book Cover: ADAK: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot by Andy Jampoler. Facebook · Twitter; Pinterest; Google + · Email. Book Cover: ADAK: The Rescue of Alfa.

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These regulations are written in blood. And who could really tell what the Soviets might do? The exchange of one squadron for another would keep the Adak detachment’s complement at foztrot prescribed four crews and three aircraft indefinitely, until strength reductions and more urgent operational requirements eventually siphoned the small force off into other waters.

Yet emotions had to be shunted aside, for tough duty lay ahead: Under the deployment schedule, Grigsby’s Crew 6 would miss Thanksgiving at home but would be back in California in time for Christmas. Once back from Adak, Patrol Squadron 9 would be at home until early summer, when it would leave California with all its crews and aircraft for six months in Japan.

The lightweight leather jacket evoked the famous naval aces of World War II, gimlet-eyed gunfighters flying bent-winged Corsairs or pudgy Hellcats. I particularly liked how he linked official statements, “finding of fact”, into the narrative.


Edward Caylor could see. Hardcoverpages. There was an error processing your purchase. Adak is at about the latitude of London. Pieter Nel rated it it was amazing Sep 06, John Baughman rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Jerry Grigsby decided to fire up the idle turbine on the left wing. Navy had no fleet permanently assigned, had compelled the Americans to redistribute assets to those remote and unfamiliar waters.

Papa Delta Two p. Your request has been submitted. In the tradition of great tales of men against the sea, this story offers a compelling look at courage and commitment in the face of certain tragedy. His last flight as a P-3 Orion patrol plane commander from Naval Station Adak, Alaska, took place just twenty-one months before Alfa Foxtrot went down.

This time the men picked up a flash of orange – one raft. Unfortunately, the deaths involved were real. Then, miraculously, the fuselage rolled slightly, lifting enough to reveal the resce hatch. Ball figured that Grigsby had been up there, counting his men, disregarding marrow-deep drives for self-preservation, until he could be reasonably sure he was the last to leave. I’m glad to have found this book.

And Coast Guarda C Hercules prop jet, was diverted to help. One of the scariest stories I’ve ever read, and it’s all true. A hand clapped his helmet. But the runaway prop was certain to cause fresh fires, and their was precious little firefighting compound left.

Also included in that number were the or so officers and enlisted men of the rotating patrol squadron, who would deploy to the island while their families remained behind. Gibbons pulled him up.


Adak: The Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot by Andrew C.A. Jampoler

He is a seasoned flyer and technician and knows well that P-3s are historically some of the safest military aircraft in the world – yet it was this story that gave him serious reservations about flying. Inthe wing’s deployment schedule would make up for its generosity in Twenty-four years ago, when he was 12, he about drowned in a pool.

Thursday, 26 October, would not be especially bad by the standards of the Aleutians. David Krohe rated it liked it Nov 30, April 26, Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot T Published on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Alfa Foxtrot ‘s fatal mission as a tribute to those lost, the account was written by a naval aviator who has flown the same aircraft on the same mission from the same air base.

Astoundingly, ada, was one, 28 miles west. But now fire alarms went off again, and clouds of smoke shot from the stricken engine.

Rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586

Lists with This Book. Engineer Miller at once pushed a button to dump fire-fighting compound on the over-heated engine, snuffing out the flames.

Instead, on hands and knees atop the fuselage, he watched his men exiting from the left and right escape hatches.

He radioed Elmendorf the plane’s exact location, then added:

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