So I filled out that weeks timesheet for RH 40 hours, holding appx 13hrs off. Then worked Saturday hrs, Monday, 13hrs & Tuesday, manager returns, I only. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Processor Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you.

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Anonymous in Huntington Beach, California. Unfortunately, with the job market the way it is, most staffing agencies are like this now.

I would like to know how much crack that person was taking!

A headhunter tried to hold me responsible for her fee. The one thing I typically hear over and over from clients about candidates that don’t work out typically isn’t anything to do with their work, attendance, punctuality, etc. That would be important to any employer, and is quite reasonable.

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York 72 months ago. Now does that sound fair or even legal!!! I also set forth how recruiters have lied to be, reneged on promises to me and were rude to me.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke – Accountemps Jobs |

Absolutely, but truthfully 99 days out of aI am truly proud of what I do. Here again, she reneged on her promise to call me.

Job title, keywords, or company. So you have to either park at the food court down the timeshest and hope your car won’t get towed.


I inadvertently forgot to give her the name of the firm which had rejected me. Please all replies will be welcomed She gave me her client’s name; it was the local office of a national law firm. Do the job you’re brought in for, do it well and hopefully parlay it into permanent employment. Would love to know who manages you. Shortly after I started I found out from the other workers that the temp. Simplest piece of advice I make sure I tell every candidate when I interview them The biggest thing that turns clients off is a temp coming in to their company and being too aggressive.

It reflects very poorly on your entire firm to those of us that actually have managed hundreds of employees both internationally and here in the US.

You are dealing with adults; many of whom having dealt with rejection far greater than you or I have experienced and who can handle it. Jane Doe Smith in Arlington, Texas months ago. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado said: Anon in Huntington Beach, California. Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York. Not to be a sarcastic jerk, but Just read these forums. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Research Accountemps Learn more about working at Accountemps See popular questions and answers about Accountemps.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke

I connected with a former recruiter and he is helping me revamp my resume. I for one would appreciate some truth and candor for a change instead of the nonsense you have written accountempps this issue.


Maybe your logic or lack thereof is why RH couldn’t place you. Timesjeet in Cypress, Texas said: Be polite, understanding, and give some honest feedback.

One, it keeps me from doing what happened with your rejected paralegal position and possibly duplicating your resume somewhere. I was there a total of about 20 mins after an hour commute, while under the assumption I would be working billable hours. Yes, the temp market is slowly picking up. I know for a fact they wouldn’t last a month in my office. They weren’t interested in you. One thing though, what type of test do they give?

I do find a few of the younger folks do lack basic office skills, professionalism, etc. Clients come to us to get them the best possible candidate typically ASAP and to know the local market we are staffing for. Myself, as a division director or my boss, our branch managerwould not put up with it. They don’t care because they are making money off of everyone they have listed as active. I offered the recruiter 5 reference letters from prior employers and she didn’t seem to really want them nor was she interested in a thorough interview.

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