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Utiliza-se sempre o que determinam as normas da ABNT. nas legendas de ilustrações, quando se usa espaço simples (ABNT NBR , validade a partir . Classe LaTeX e estilo bibliográfico compatíveis com as normas da ABNT . ABNT NBR Informação e documentação – Projeto de pesquisa -. Available at: / >. Date accessed: 23 Nov. doi:

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This sample is left in the chamber while water permeates the coating to see if color change, blisters, loss 51287 adhesion, softening, or embrittlement are observed.

A popular and standardized corrosion test method is used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

Water can cause degradation of coatings so coated specimens are placed in an enclosed chamber to permit free settling of fog on all specimens. Typically, a sample is scribed so that the substrate is exposed before being placed in xbnt CASS chamber for preconditioning before being placed in a Filiform test chamber to see if filaments develop from the substrate. Standardized gravel is projected at a sample to simulate a wheel or trim piece in service when faced with flying stones, gravel, or other road debris.


This practice is for testing water resistance of coatings in an apparatus similar to that used in salt spray testing. Environmental Testing for the Automotive Industry: Most tests feature an accelerated corrosion that produces a corrosive attack to coated samples in order to evaluate the suitability of the coating for use as a protective finish.

Typically, a sample is placed in a closed test chamber where a salt water solution produces a corrosive environment of dense salt water fog in the chamber so that the test samples exposed to this environment are subjected to severely corrosive conditions. Scribing Filiform Panels Above. Wheels and wheel parts are exposed to the same type of corrosion that is found in the field to establish 51287 performance of the material and finish.

Filiform corrosion 152877 a special form of corrosion that occurs under some thin coatings in the form of randomly distributed threadlike filaments.

Similar to Salt Spray, a sample is placed in a closed chamber and immersed in a salt fog with the addition of reagent grade copper chloride dehydrate to accelerate the corrosion process. Environmental tests are conducted to examine and evaluate the behavior, propensity, and abbt of resistance of certain materials to corrosive agents.


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