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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: ABNT NBR Trabalhos Acadêmicos (), Author. The abntex2 class and the abntex2cite package are intended to assist the caption’s separator to enddash, in accordance to ABNT NBR removed. Programa de Pós-Graduação Tese (Doutorado) Modelo canônico de e outros do gênero) produzido conforme a ABNT NBR Informação e.

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Increasing returns, Imperfect Competition, and the International Economy.

Veterinária Notícias

Resources for the Future, The main document, without identification of the authorsmust contain:. Initially, the editorial office checks if the manuscript complies with standards; the inclusion of documents, Vancouver-style; a structured abstract; inclusion of the descriptors chosen from DeCS Health Science descriptors and MeSH Medical Subject Headings.

The REBEn is an electronic journal. American Economic Review, v. E and Blair, P. Likewise, one should avoid citing articles from non-scientific journals or magazines. Footnotes should be kept to the minimum necessary. Illustrations tables, boxes and figures, such as photographs, drawings, graphs, etc. Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance.

Likewise, the procedures adopted to obtain the signature of the Consent Forms by the research participants should be mentioned in the manuscript.

Methods of Interregional and Regional Analysis. Market Structure and Foreign Trade. Bold should be restricted to the title and subtitle of the manuscript. Examples of references in this style, developed and updated by the U. The system is self-explanatory and, at the end of the process, an ID will be generated for the manuscript, with numeric code Example: Economic Systems Research5 2 Elements of Dynamic Optimization, New York: Rio de Janeiro,available in http: An Application to the U.


A Genereric Single-country computable general equilibrium model. Models of Economic Growth with Environmental Assets. The number of references is limited according to the category of the manuscript. The professor responsible for the undergraduate subject will indicate the references.

These nominees must have a PhD and must have no conflict of interest. The technical revision of the language, translation of the abstract into the Spanish and English versions and the translation of the manuscripts into the English version must be provided by the authors, as directed by REBEn Secretariat.

Portal de Programas de Pós-Graduação (UFS)

Experience Report – Study describing a situation of the practice teaching, care, research, or managementintervention strategies and evaluation of their efficacy, interested in professional performance. The opinions issued by the evaluators are evaluated by the Chief Editors, and a final decision is sent to the authors. Italic will be applied only to highlight terms or expressions relevant to the study object. Univariate time series models.


Revista de Economia Aplicada, v. Applied time series econometrics. Introduction to Economic Growth. Firms, Knowledge and Policy. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the archiving of the manuscript.

When published, they become intellectual property of REBEn.

In the first citation, the abbreviation is shown in parentheses, and the terms to which it corresponds must precede it. The opinions issued by the reviewers are evaluated by the Editor-in-Chiefs, and a final opinion supported by the reviewers is sent to the authors.

Journal of International Economics 61, — The structure of the manuscript in the Research and Review categories are: REBEn adopts the requirement of the World Health Organization and the International Committee for Medical Journal Editors for prior registration of clinical trials randomized experimental studies on a platform that meets the criteria developed by these two organizations.

The professor responsible for the undergratuation subject will indicate the references. Cambridge University Press, c Markets and the environment.

The opinions issued by the reviewers may consider the manuscript accepted, rejected or requiring revisions, either in standards or content. Dados do P rograma. Romer, David; Advanced Macroeconomics.


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