A Woman has ratings and 55 reviews. Chiara said: «Alfine mi riconquistavo, alfine accettavo nella mia anima il rude impegno di camminar sola, di lott. Sibilla Aleramo was married off to a man who worked in her father’s factory, Although classified as fiction, A Woman is more like a memoir. Sibilla Aleramo is the pseudonym of Rina Faccio, Italian author (14 August , Alessandria – 13 January , Rome). She was a feminist best known for her autobiographical depictions of life as a woman in late 19th century Italy.

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Following its publication, A Woman achieved much success both at home and abroad.

Sibilla Aleramo – Wikipedia

At 11, she moved with her family from Milan to the Marche region of Italy; where siblila father had been appointed manager of a glass factory. E la si incoraggia, nella seconda parte del libro, a realizzare le sue aspirazioni, a non cedere ai ricatti del marito, a vivere la propria vita secondo la propria natura.

Guai se alcuno si attentava pubblicamente a mostrarsi qual era! Dora Melegari explored the nature of the Italian feminist movement itself, examining how Italian women were viewed abroad and attempting to explain why feminism developed much later in Italy than in other nations. This book is also a justifcation for leaving her rapist husband and adoring son to have a life to live.

The fear was that should women gain the vote, they would only boost the ranks of the opposition in this region. World Literature and Its Times: But since its constituency in the late nineteenth century consisted mainly of male workers, the leadership chose to cater to its masculine sbilla. At this point her husband begins encouraging her to write, albeit only to confess her sins.

Everyone was curious about me; men of all ages watched me wherever I went. Allora riversiamo sui nostri figli quanto non demmo alle madri, rinnegando noi stesse e offrendo un nuovo esempio di mortificazione, di annientamento. These early works must have been very difficult both to write and get published, and yet they were so important in surfacing these ideas. Aleramo was a pioneer for her time, but a significant player in the changing role of women in the 20th century in Italy.


But Aleramo’s life is mostly significant for her trail-blazing trajectory as an independent woman and artist, and as an individual that traversed very different epochs Liberal Italy, Fascism, post-World War II Italian Republic while always maintaining cultural and political visibility.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, whether one liked Aleramo’s novel or not, the book was an iceberg in the mainstream of Italian literary life, impossible to get around without careful inspection.

Apparently the narrator rejects typical female roles in the household. Of solid historical interest, then–with a rather patronizing introduction by Richard Drake that places both the novel and Aleramo in turn-of-the-century context.

Breslavia — Bassa Slesia e la cultura mediterranea in Italian. Perfino oggigiorno, a oltre cento anni dalla prima pubblicazione di Una donna, molte donne faticano a liberarsi di quell’atavico istinto al sacrificio che le contraddistingue e non riescono a vedere che prima ancora che una moglie o alerqmo madre sono soprattutto “una donna, una persona umana”. But how could she possibly dibilla an individual if her parents handed her over, ignorant, weak, and immature, to a man unable to accept her as an equal, a man who treated her like a piece of property, giving her children and then abandoning her to perform his social duty, leaving her at home to idle away her time — just as she had done as alera,o child?

Inizia un rapporto che la soffoca, la costringe, che l’avvilisce, che ha come unico frutto un figlio, Walter, al quale Sibilla dedica l’intera sua esistenza e l’intera sua essenza. So strict were the mills and factories in this regard that peasants had few qualms about sending their daughters away to work. The angel of the house subilla soiled herself with sexual desires.

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Review: A Woman, by Sibilla Aleramo – Musings

For a book that sent shock waves through the European literary establishment and, since its original publication in has gone through seven editions along with highly cclaimed translations into all th principal languages of Europe, A Woman Una Donna by Sibilla Aleramo has remained curiously obscure in America.

It has aged badly. Brings to mind the work of other great modern writers such as Elena Ferrante, Elsa Morante in style and power. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

A woman at bay (Una donna)

They met each day on the beach, inviting us to join in their games. Troppo moderno per il Croce dette un giudizio negativoe troppo attuale per i giorni nostri! Per questo credo che ci sia ancora molta strada da fare e sempre per questo sono fermamente convinta che questo testo, in quanto classico inoppugnabile della letteratura italiana e importante testimonianza sulla condizione della donna e la storia dell’emancipazione femminile, necessiti di essere inserito di buon grado nei programmi ministeriali per le scuole.

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This book if often, correctly, considered the genesis of italian feminist literature. La si accompagna durante la sua adolescenza, mentre segue adorante il padre ed inizia a lavorare per lui.

It is definitely a book of its time, and with the time gone so is the book’s raison d’etre. The life of a woman in prewar Italy. The Christian feminist movement produced many influential thinkers and activists. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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