Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer Hello I applied from South Africa I’m a Nigerian I got a g green form it’s a. Consult officer keep my passport but did not take 2×2 photo and gave g slip( light green colour).because i need joint sponcer. They told me. Chances vary from case to case and depend upon the submitted documents. Processing time also varies – some cases are completed within.

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Can you please let me know if you have any updates on your application?

What is 221g ? Process, How long to Resolve, Delay, Issues, FAQs

Recently, The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS announced that if visa applications are incomplete or if there is enough reason to suspect eligibility of the applicant, they may reject the petition completely without giving the petitioner a second chance to produce the required evidence.

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You must be called either for fingerprint verification or an interview. Me My wife ane 2 childern had our interview on 6th Sept.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

Local service center receives evidence…if in the timeframe given days the case is reviewed and either original approval is reaffirmed or the petition is officially denied.


I have a approved petition till May 212g, at 6: And did you reply me that my case is a green slip? Sir It is H1B Visa. Hii My interview was on 27th Oct and Dan gave me same white slip for documents and I submitted does on 29th Oct. June 11, DS submitted June 25, False checklist for ds What documents they asked for?

Calling the organization School, University, Company, Financial institution that issued the ofrm Using an agency or third party of verify the documentation Request to provide further documentation 6.

I think I recall that the while paper asked for a resume and other stuff that I already provided. Step 2 Go to the nearest Collection Centre.

Sorry to hear that. I was given a green slip requiring my CV which i submitted the very same day on website but there was no acknowledgement. The application is forwarded to USCIS with a memorandum explaining the case as presented at the time of the interview.

Co ask my mom name,where she live,what she do in us,and want to see my family pic. Any ideas on the processing time after I go back for the interview?

Did they return your passport? Take your g submission slip, the g letter given to you at the Embassy or Consulate, and all documents requested in your g letter.

It is fully anonymous and will help many waiting for it like you. We were handed a white g with a list of docs and our passports were returned to us. Go to the nearest Collection Centre. Hello Rotimi, How did fprm go with you? May 3, at Fingerprints checkbox was checked 2. If g gets clearedcan she travel back to India get her original H1b stamped?


I almost fainted, I had my dream M. Does it happend to anybody else?

g green slip – Bringing Family Members of Permanent Residents to America – VisaJourney

Hello guys can anyone help me with my case, I Had a interview on 11th july at Mumbai location for the B1 visa. In most cases, the US consulate is seeking more time to evaluate the application and may need additional documentation to reach a decision. A person can be put under administrative processing also called as g, because of several reasons. Did they ask for any other documents? The consulate officer gives g in this category as supporting documentation or information to clear these cases is not immediately accessible, so they put the visa on hold at the consulate till that missing piece is available.

And check your status at ceac. We appreciate your patience.

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