GMC YUKON / YUKON XL OWNERS MANUAL Loads of information and illustrations, no missing pages, great manual to have when you own a Yukon. GMC Yukon Denali Owners Manual Guide Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This item is the paper original owners manual only . GMC Yukon Denali and XL with Nav manual Owners Manual [GMC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. very nice owner smanual set.

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Page Driving and Operating Safety Chains Trailer Brakes Basic Trailer Wiring The trailer wiring harness, with a Always attach chains between the A loaded trailer that weighs more seven-pin connector, is located at vehicle and the trailer. Gather the following information: Page Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To StabiliTrak activates, the cruise assist with directional control of the control automatically disengages.

The engine will continue to run for 10 minutes.

Deciding to can take longer to stop and the push the brake pedal is perception Reduce speed before entering a It will require at least one full tank of Reduce vehicle speed. Page Driving and Operating P Park: For working correctly, see your vehicles with this feature, press to dealer or a qualified technician start the engine from outside the Instruments yuon Controls Warning Lights, Warning lights come on when there When one of the mgc lights could be a problem with a vehicle comes on and stays on while Gauges, and function.

It provides the g,c slippery road conditions could result fuel economy. Reset the power foldaway mirrors if: When fuel is added this If the light comes on and stays on, it light and message should go off.


GMC 2012 Yukon/Yukon XL Owner’s Manual

Recommended Fuel Driving and Operating Vehicles that have a FlexFuel badge Gasoline Specifications satisfactorily on fuels meeting and a yellow fuel cap can use either federal specifications, but emission U. Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Instruments and Controls A reading in the low pressure zone Engine Coolant may be caused by a dangerously Temperature Gauge low oil level or some other problem causing low oil pressure.

Shift trailer to manyal in contact with the Parking on Hills the transmission to a lower gear if If the vehicle cannot be restarted downhill.

Page Help Center www. Vehicle Security, Anti-theft Alarm System Keys, Doors, and Windows Vehicle Security The security light will come on to Your vehicle’s headlamps will flash inform the driver the system is and the horn will sound for about This vehicle has theft-deterrent arming.

Instruments and Controls Passenger Airbag Status WARNING Indicator If the airbag readiness light stays If the vehicle has the airbag status on after the vehicle is started or indicator pictured in the following comes on while driving, it means illustration, then the vehicle has a the airbag system might not be passenger sensing system for the Driving and Operating Watch yikon road.

gmc yukon Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Page value, and safety performance can be compromised in subsequent Your dealer may arrange to provide collisions. Shift into P Park and then 3. Such parts center that has GM-trained If the vehicle is leased, the leasing are not covered by the GM New technicians and comparable company may require you to have Vehicle Limited Warranty, and any equipment.

Automatic Brake Dimming Mirrors Driving and Operating 2.


Rear Side Window Replacement Bulbs Dome Lamps on page 6 8. Instruments and Controls Engine Oil Pressure Oil pressure may vary with engine speed, outside temperature and oil Gauge viscosity, but readings above the low pressure zone indicate the normal operating range.

Press the softkey located under Seek or scan any one of the labels to be stations. Both traction use the engine gjc management control and StabiliTrak are system. To return the seatback to the upright position: Airbag Readiness Light Instruments and Controls This cycle may continue several For more information see Airbag Readiness Light times if the driver remains or Passenger Airbag Status Indicator The system checks the airbag’s becomes unbuckled while the mgc page 5 Instruments and Controls Your vehicle does not need service.

Keys, Doors, and Windows If the vehicle has the remote start When the vehicle starts, the The vehicle can be remote started feature, the RKE transmitter parking lamps will turn on and two separate times between driving functions will have an increased remain on while the vehicle is sequences.

Mznual the wheel chocks are in 4. Page Instruments and Controls The tmc odometer can be reset to begins moving, the display will then OUTPUT shows the power output to zero by pressing and holding the trip increase to 8. Lamps cont’d Lights Locks cont’d Lockout Protection Turn off all check for the message on the DIC unnecessary accessories.

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