The Minimum Standard. Detail Requirements for ALTA/. ACSM Land Title Surveys (here- inafter Standards) are in effect as of February 23, —the . The standard that governs the land title survey requirements is the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys. Previous ALTA ACSM Land Title Survey Standard before the Minimum Standard Detail for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

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The New 2016 ALTA/ACSM (NSPS) Survey Standards

Removing former Table A item 19 on wetlands because its intent continues to be very severely misconstrued and misunderstood by those requesting it. May 1 posts April 1 posts March 1 posts February 1 posts November 1 posts October 1 posts May 1 posts April 2 posts February 1 posts November 1 posts October ata posts September 3 posts View all blog posts.

The standards were first adopted in and have been revised seven times — in, and The more standardds revisions include: Providing an explanation for any Table A items that were negotiated in a manner different from how they are written in the Standards.

Watch for more information later in the year!


As an industry leader in geomatics, we are well versed in determining your project challenges, why they exist, and how to solve them. We listen, we care, we communicate, we follow through.

It became effective on February 23, The more significant revisions include:. Close Blog Newletter Subscription First name: Removing Table A item 18 on use of the property as a solid waste dump, sump or sanitary landfill.

Website development by BitWise Solutions Inc. The ALTA and NSPS committees have addressed about 14 pages of suggested revisions and additions to the standards and have developed a working draft addressing many of them.

Providing better guidance as to locating and depicting abutting streets and roads.

The New ALTA/ACSM (NSPS) Survey Standards | VIKA

The version is anticipated to become effective on February 23, Clarifying the numbering of any Table A items that were negotiated in addition to the specific 19 items listed. This is not as radical of a change as some might believe since for the last few versions of the standards, ACSM had turned over responsibility for the standards over to NSPS anyway. The current version was the first complete rewrite and reformatting of the standards since their adoption.

Geomatics As an industry leader in geomatics, we are well versed in determining your project challenges, why they exist, and how to solve them. Removing Table A item 20b regarding the monumentation of appurtenant easements because parties requesting this item do not understand the potential ramifications and because of surveyor liability issues.


Making it mandatory that observed utility features be shown, rather than as an option in Table A. The version will address a number of issues that have arisen since If the surveyor prepares a new description, there must be a note explaining why it was prepared, and how the land described in the new description relates to the land described in the record description.

Stzndards that a zoning letter or report must be provided to surveyors before they can address the zoning issues of Table A item 6. Geospatial Innovative solutions driving geospatial and eGovernment success. Depth video cameras water boundaries WBE weather wetlands William Whyte women in engineering women in land surveying women-owned business workflow working together zoning endorsements.

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