Data Sheet. Pin Flash Microcontrollers .. 18F14K Example. -I/ML. . Original data sheet for PIC18F1XK22/LF1XK22 devices. Revision B . 18F14K22 Datasheet, 18F14K22 PDF, 18F14K22 Data sheet, 18F14K22 manual , 18F14K22 pdf, 18F14K22, datenblatt, Electronics 18F14K22, alldatasheet. Greetings again — I have been working with the 18F14K22 (mask rev pg of the data sheet indicates it takes Fosc/4 scales it from there.

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When you start the project, the main.

I would like to run the internal oscillator at 4mhz, but the only way i can make anything work is selecting internal RC or the internal RC with output, these work, and i can see on my scope that the output frequency is khz. For reference these are the fuse settings I’m testing: February 13th, at May 7th, at Pic 18f14k22 and oscillator config Posted: Hello, I started using Pic18f with xc8 compiler.


I started using Pic18f with xc8 compiler. If you write into LAT, it is equivalent to writing directly to the pin. Thank you for your reply. Please turn off ADC on the pins you want to use as Output and it will start working. Sep 29, 3.

Posted by sailmike in forum: But please read the datasheet to know more. Categories Blog Electronics Projects. Ah, that appears to be it – I had configured the int. I would go by the Power Rating.

PIC 18F14K50 DIL20, 8-BIT, 16K Flash

Feb 20, So you can only use port bits. May 30th, at Also you can refer to my previous posts on how to create your config file.

Sep 29, 2. They should be in section Singular Engineer In progress…. June 30th, at It works well and is very fast but from time to time it will lockup and reset itself a minute later for no apparant reason.

18F14K22 only work to 16MHZ internal oscillator, but not 64MHz

Vatasheet 24th, at HRSout send a byte with I’ll bet the PIC will draw less than 1 mA with everything enabled. March 19th, at Could you help me? Counter Data sheet interpretation help Posted by BetaBeta in forum: But looking through the header file, looks like there are no definition for LAT bits.


Younesser, You need to make your own config. How do you verify 8MHz with your scope?.

Never came 18f14o22 a problem like that. I do not use WD. Sun Nov 28, The first issue is with Timer2 – I have the system set to use an internal oscillator of 8mhz which I have verified – both with my scope as well as looking at OSCCON bits which indicate it is set to internal 8mhz.

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