The Annual Course Listing is a reference document for MCI course .. and Patrolling A The LAV Crewman B Desert Operations. D K H K B B C B J K G C D A B B. Wednesday, May 18, lnp8,ta, Ma 18, HOUSEHOLD COODS 48 1 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 44! rev DISCOUNT HOUSE.

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Government Employees of a Military Activity. This allows the courses to be pre-positioned closer to the individual Marine.

MCI Catalog – [PDF Document]

An electronic exam is available for this course at any Learning Resource Center. Fire Planning for Offensive Missions. G B Street Bldg. Students may only enroll in one program at a time.

Mci Course List – [PDF Document]

033a8 Covers formulas mcj finding areas. Designed jci Pvt-Sgt who have duties requiring them to operate as a Marine assault amphibian crewman. Privates through sergeants who are assigned as members of a 60mm mortar squad. Emphasizes the responsibilities of the command.

This handbook provides a review of basic land navigation skills, including map reading, Lensatic compass use, resection, intersection, night navigation, and navigating by natural means. An electronic test is available for this course at any Learning Resource Center. This course also discusses engineer equipment estimations and project mic for equipment operations.


Marine Corps Institute Job Aids Individuals completing DPME programs are able to receive their completion certificates for each subcourse via our Web site. All collateral duty embarkation representatives. Provides instruction on the organization and employment of USMC command and control systems, planning routine communications support, combat plans and orders including paragraph 5 of the operation order, communications estimates, and Annex K.

Designed to enhance the writing skills of all ranks and MOSs. For more information on how to request a transcript, see page 8 of this catalog. To request a duplicate diploma. Using A Introduction to Warfighting as a building block. Further, this course covers engine operations, ramp, and auxiliary operations. Corporal through Gunnery Sergeant. Commanders are responsible for providing their own storage facility and checkout procedures. This website is Search engine for pdf document ,our robot collecte pdf from internet this pdf document belong to their respective owners ,we don’t store any document in 038a servers.

When a DPME program is successfully completed.

In addition to monitor survey operations. Emphasizes the basic principles of fire distribution and control of AAV weapons.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses

The course emphasizes leadership and the basic mechanics of training management. This handbook covers material applicable to all aviation maintenance MOSs. All credit recommendations are in semester hours. This program is the prerequisite for sergeants to attend the resident Sergeant’s Course and is a requirement for promotion to staff sergeant. This handbook is applicable to Marines of all grades in the communications field. Students may only enroll in one program at a time. This job aid will assist Marines that are attached to an engineer unit on how to read construction prints.


When a DPME program is successfully completed. This handbook addresses the fundamentals of survival in an NBC environment. Designed for all Marines who are required to work in an armory. Designed for all heavy machinegunners. This course provides indepth coverage checks made before, during, after operations for land and water. Discusses family readiness and financial planning with references to agencies specializing in these areas.

Designed 03338a Pvt-GySgt in the 01 occupational field. Designed for Pvt-Sgt in the 35 occupational field. This applies to all grades and military occupational specialties.

Designated for all Marines. Marines must have access to current motor transport orders.

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