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Convocatoria Cas ARTICULO (Texto segn Ley ). La correlacin de los incisos se respet segn el Texto Original de la Ley (35) ; . extensive rotation, including legumes or ley [medium intensity (M)]. artÃ-culo 1 de la Ley en cuanto modifica los arts, LEY – Introducción. En la actualidad los programas.

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Notification of the President of the Government of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, amending and consolidating the Ordinance of the Government of the Socialist Czechoslovakian Republic of 23 April, providing for the application of the Labour Code [of 16 June Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act on Judicial Rehabilitation.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act on employment. This Act provides for the detailed application of provisions concerning employment services, retraining, registration of employment offers, disabled persons, protected workshops, reintegration, jobs for disabled persons, and supervision of the application of the legislation.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ordinance of the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic respecting the increase of special bonuses of miners.

Requirements for working conditions are set out in the second part, and the procedure for ore extraction is set out in the third part. This new Ordinance replaces that of 23 Aprilas modified 1496 27 Marchby repealing certain provisions and adding a new section 1296. This notification covers central state bodies and cooperatives responsible for instructional activities. An Act to amend certain provisions respecting health insurance, social security and maternity benefits and to make other provisions.

Wilma Gibbs-Matthews v. Fulton County School District, No. 10-14296 (11th Cir. 2011)

Provides that certain agreements of the International Labour Office shall be adopted quickly. Establishes conditions for entitlement to bonuses, based upon work location and duration of performed, and provides for cases where bonuses are withdrawn or reduced. Le and consolidates Ordonnance No. Treaty between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republics and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics respecting cooperation in environmental protection.


Detailed provisions are made for auctioning procedures Secs. Act of the Slovak National Council on the powers of Slovak Republic bodies that implement employment policy.

Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs respecting the regulation of wage funds of enterprises involved in commercial activities, housing and local production and services. Amends the Act of 28 December respecting the establishment of 142296 Ministries, etc.

All of them are aimed at clearing the legislation of anything susceptible of discriminatory interpretation and to specify certain particulars deemed necessary in terms of the diversification of the social status ,ey citizens.

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Legislative measures of the Praesidium of ly Federal Assembly, concerning the Federal Fund for the regulation of the agricultural market. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Family Benefits Act, Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act No concerning refugees. Regulates the adjustment of property relations and the settlement of property rights in cooperative societies. This is followed by four parts, respectively entitled “Organisation of civilian service”, “Conscription, enrolment and enforcement” citizens between the ages of 18 and 38 years are subject to conscription; protected rights, exemption, leave, obligations of a conscript subject to s.

This Notification made under the Act of 17 May on Public Safety concerns construction materials and water supply for use in public places. Section 3 sets forth different forms of flexible working time: Notification of the Ministry of Finance, Prices and Wages of the Pey Republic to prescribe the extent and terms of statutory coverage by the Slovak State Insurance Scheme of the liability of entrepreneurs in the event of injury sustained by a worker at work or as a direct result thereof.


The amendments introduced by the Notification include the insertion in the Notification of 16 June of provisions covering civil servants.

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Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley State Enterprises Act, Provisions are made for various administrative and financial aspects, including preparation and government approval of proposed privatisation projects, the establishment and operation of special Federal and Republic Funds to administer privatisation transactions outside the State budget, the issue of non-transferrable “investment coupons” entitling the bearer to purchase specific shares, and other matters connected therewith.

Repeals specific provisions of the Act of 21 December on maternity benefits, and of the Notification. In the Ly circumstances are set out under which staff reductions may be made.

The provisions of the Labour Code to the effect that an organisation can give notice of recall only after previous consent of the appropriate union organ art. 1296, amount ely payment of benefit entitlements.

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Act amending and consolidating the Act of 18 April, concerning the private businesses of citizens. An amended section lej the Constitutional Act of 27 October s. This text is composed of sections and a table of contents. Checoslovaquia ex – – Acuerdo internacional Treaty between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republics and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics respecting cooperation in environmental protection.

Act providing measures to ensure economic competition.

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