Click Here to Read “The Juggler Method” · models by mark manson. Who Else Wants 4 Completely FREE eBooks that teach you how to master. TEKNO’S JUGGLER METHOD OVERVIEW. Tekno. Note to reader: I intend for this ebook to be a sort of living document of pick up. I was chatting with a client today who’s doing well. He’s in a relationship with a great girl who’s ‘out of his league’.:) I asked him where he’s.

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You need to have quite a bit of confidence and be quick on your feet to use it. I hate those capitalist pigs that conceal. But the girl sitting on the barstool is more difficult. Juggler style, open ended question HB: I haven’t reviewed ‘Juggler’s Archives’ on this site. Vacuums are questions pka shall compell the HB to answer.

Juggler’s Workshop Notes – Seduction and Pickup Routines

Such like the MM, JM has evolved in recent years as more and more people are using it and more instructors are teaching it. What are closed ended questions?

I somehow doubt there was a lot of kino escalation going on there, and if not then I wouldn’t even call it a sarge. But with the information that is available from the various schools, it is important for a balanced review.

I say is there any way we could continue this conversation Alla Style she said yes so I was waiting for her to give me her number but I guess she didn’t get the hint so a moment of akward silence so I just say fk it in my head what your number. He was an AFC.

The Juggler Method

I agree that that kind of game does not work on women with high shields, during the approach and attraction stages. We are all horny to be fucked.

  IEEE P400.1 PDF

People who grew up in PU with Mystery’s M3 model like me find it hard to understand this because the M3 model is very much routine based. Attractive women rattled me, I was afraid of talking to strangers and my overly sensitive ego was a constant drag.

Juggler – How To Be A Pickup Artist

Is it on for the next six guys who try the same shit after reading The Game or watching VH-1? It goes against being alpha to refuse to compete on equal footing. I don’t even say hi on the phone or any of that shit.

If she eboook to ask “Well, are you? And most of us, it turns out, are–we just didn’t know it until we studied some sort of method. In my opinion that’s ebkok bullocks. Magic the Master Pick Up Artist. Juggler is a veteran of the pickup scene.

Do women enjoy jugler hit on? You get a scripted dialogue of several pickups that show Juggler method in action. Pick up artist terminology.

How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide by Juggler

I really juggller its great. They use various openers there, and I tried them, but got totally different results. Long before the release of the above book, Juggler’s collected wisdom was available in a book called simply ‘The Juggler Method’ or ‘Conversational Jujitsu’. How to Meet and Connect with Women download. PUA pick up fashion stores. Have you been to any charmschool bootcamp yet? How do you plow through it?

I’ve learned a lot from it. But when you tell how things “feel” she can relate with the feeling. Or they can just flip sides and teach defense to the women without giving up any new ideas. Copyright c pualib.


To her, he can easily come off as another creep trying to pick her up and getting rude if he doesn’t succeed. The elimination of over 95 percent of their competition from being able to run competing advertising was what made them successful. Any claim that you are fundamentally more desirable than other men is an AFC claim to getting the girl, not a PUA claim. Learning these 2 skills alone is worth the money for the e-book.

In JM you have none of these. It seems nowadays to be about getting her to make the most investment and escalating as a reward for that which assumes you are high value. You’d rather ask this way I’m curious to see if you can make it work. Typical Dumb Blonde Pickup Opener. Its about the vibe, body language, tonality, kino and many other stuff And she can bust you up, if you let her.

How to seduce the kind of women you always want. I field tested his method and my conclusion is: Right now, I’m deviating from “routine based game” and Juggler Method works wonders. The DHV story is just hype.

By telling how the story “feels” rather than telling the information of the story. Pickup Artist Roll Off. For the most part there is something for everyone in any book, CD set or program out there. Its bout your vibe, your inner game, your value.

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