The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Jeremy Narby, Author Putnam Publishing Group $ (p) ISBN Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald “a Copernican revolution for the life sciences,” leads the reader.

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But make sure you’ve got your nargy hat ready. I highly recommend this book if you’re interested in exploring an outside-the-box view of humanity from an anthropological perspective. The combination of spirituality and science feels like it’s on the right track to me, and I’ve always liked the idea of SOMETHING that narvy all the living creatures on the planet let’s call it the over-soul, to borrow a term from Emersoneven if I’ve never actually felt such a connection myself.

Why do life-creating, knowledge-imparting snake appear in the visions, myths, and dreams of human beings around the world?. This means somewhere in the seas these four nucleobases were formed, linked together in a way that encoded information, found a way into cells, found a handy enzyme to split the coils into identical halves once in a while to reproduce, and gradually came to inhabit the earth with living descendants.

This is cowboy science and it is not as objective as it claims. Jeremy Narby is obviously intelligent. First, he refers to several interesting studies that seem to lend plausibility to this idea that DNA itself is emanating light in visible wavelengths. Too much to list here, but I annotated about half of it: Biophotons from DNA that somehow communicate agricultural information to people while they’re under the influence of hallucinogens??

Registered Company Telephone: Trained as an anthropologist, Narby spends two years in Peruvian amazon observing shamanic rituals in particular use of hallucinogens also experiments with them himself. This leads to other speculations on the source of DNA Nor does he rely except but for a fraction of the book on his own experience with Ayahuasca, which is very limited, and one of the few things that I would have like This was a winner.


It’s always a valuable reminder to pause, take a step back, and refocus. Since he’s a vetted scientist, this is no easy claim to make. Retrieved from ” https: Claude Levi-Strauss showed in his book, The Savage Mind, that human beings have been carefully observing nature and endlessly testing hypotheses for at least 10, years.

He proposes that DNA crystals in cells can receive information from biophotonic emissions and that all life is interacting in this way. Sep 06, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: Geneticists Francis Crick and James Watson.

The Cosmic Serpent DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

I also spend time with my children, and with children in my community as a soccer coachI look after the plants in my garden, without using pesticides and so on. And DNA itself is a symbolic Saussurean code. But we must preserve their ancient knowledge by protecting their way of life, and esteem them as colleagues at the table of academic discourse. Want to Read saving….

The Cosmic Serpent

How would you, as the author, sum it up? The book starts off all right. I couldn’t just abandon it, though, because the material seemed jereemy promising–this jreemy that shamans, through the practice of drinking ayahuasca, The concept and the first chapter hooked me, and then the downhill slide began.

To make this drug one must cook it for a period of 72 hours exactly, and also not be anywhere near the boiling pot, as its fumes are extremely toxic and will kill if inhaled.

The Cosmic Serpent – Wikipedia

So that gives you a sense of the thesis of the work and the overall weirdness of the writing. Exactly the right balance between scholarship and accessibility.

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Has he been able to define and identify consciousness? Has he been able to identify the true spark of life?

The Cosmic Serpent DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Uncommon Knowledge

In Narby’s case Materialism may be the ultimate winner, but that doesn’t keep it from getting a challenge now and then. It is that the global network of DNA-based life emits ultra-weak radio waves, which are currently at the limits of measurement, but which we can nonetheless perceive i Cosmic Serpent Review This is without doubt one of the weirdest books that Jeeemy have ever read in my life.

Narby insists that our academic way of knowing is not the only one, that the western intellectual mind suffers a superiority complex, making it unable to respect, or even notice, other ways of knowing. Questioning the scientific method as the only means of gaining knowledge is jeremh reasonable.

The author begins in typical Ayahuasca tourist fashion, and undertakes you on his Amazonian journey with a shaman, partaking in the sacred Yage ceremony. Read it years ago and It’s on my bookshelf. Your email address is safe.

Follow Uncommon Serpet Facebook Twitter. Narby spent ten years researching DNA, the structure of life itself, and the intertwined snake symbology he found universally depicted and – as you’ll see – experienced in the world’s shamanistic traditions.

More than an anthropological account of how shaman use hallucination to find cures for disease, The Cosmic Serpent is a challenge to Western rationalism and modern science.

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