JBCC Contract Template fot Minor Works JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc. October 10, | Author: Sarisha Harrychund | Category: General Contractor. JBCC Minor Works Agreement. Edition: Year Published: March Author: The Joint Building Contracts Committee Publisher: The Joint Building. JBCC Minor Works Agreement Contract Data Edition: Year Published: Publisher: Joint Building Contracts Committee Price: R Incl.

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The contractor shall report the cause and effect of such delay and the working days claimed to the principal agent at the next meeting held [6. The contractor may dispute such reasons and the effects thereof [ Where the final payment certificate favours the employer the security shall expire when the contractor makes payment We need your help to maintenance this website.

If it is considered essential to make changes, users are advised ,inor it is necessary for such changes to be drafted by qualified legal persons with extensive knowledge of the JBCC documentation and the construction industry. A defect that a reasonable inspection of the works by the principal agent would not have revealed before the issue of the defects list LAW: The parties shall give all notices and pay all charges required by such authorities. The contractor is a small to medium enterprise The employer carries the major liabilities related to the works The employer is responsible for the primary insurances related to the works This agreement is not designed or intended for use where the works: Unauthorised reproduction of the work is an infringement of the copyright in the work.

We jbxc your help! M inor W orks Agreement Page 16 The documentation sets out a clear, balanced and enforceable set of procedures, rights and obligations, which when competently managed and administered, protect the employer and contractor alike.

The principal agent shall deal with the amounts thus paid [ Twenty-four 24 hour days commencing at midnight The other objectives of the JBCC are to: Please help us to share our service with your friends. The principal agent shall be informed of the name of such representative where so appointed.


The works is of a complex nature The imnor period is anticipated to be more than nine months Workw necessary contract documentation is not complete and available at tender stage Sectional completions are required Copyright Reserved The Joint Building Contracts Committee claims authorship of this work. Should the contractor fail to submit such an analysis the principal agent shall prepare the analysis Size px x x x x Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Either party may, at any time, by notice to the other change, its physical address provided that it is in the same country as that initially stated in the contract data 1. The bank rate that is applicable from time to time to registered banks when borrowing money from the Central or Reserve Bank of the country named in the contract data.

JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc – Free Download PDF

Thus done and signed at on Name of signatory Capacity of signatory for and on behalf of the employer who by signature hereof warrants authorisation hereto Signed as Witness 1 Thus done and signed at Name of signatory on for and on behalf of the contractor who by signature hereof warrants authorisation hereto Capacity of signatory Signed as Witness 2 Details of Witness 1 Details of Witness 2 Name: The word or phrase of a definition is highlighted in the text and shall bear the meaning assigned to it in this 1.

The construction period and latent defects liability period shall commence with the handover of the site 5. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Where applicable such amount shall M inor W orks Agreement Page 4 include existing buildings and their contents. Persons entering into or preparing contracts using the JBCC Minor Works Agreement are warned of the dangers inherent in modifying any part thereof. Works also includes materials and goods and those supplied free or otherwise by the employer to the contractor and excludes work or installations to be executed by direct contractors 1.

In pursuance of the objective the parties undertake to carry out their reciprocal obligations 1. The employer may employ others [5. The principal agent shall hold a signed set of contract documents to be produced as and when required 4.


The document drawn up according to the measuring system as stated in the contract data.

The principal agent shall include such interest in the jhcc payment certificate [ Such change shall be deemed to be a contract instruction 7.

The retention held shall include any unpaid amount due [ The contractor shall be entitled to additional payment due to a delay caused by: The form of guarantee provided by the employer or contractor, as stated in the contract data, from which a party may recover expense and loss in the event of default SITE: The contract minutes shall be tabled for approval at the following meeting 6. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

JBCC Minor Works Contract Doc

Where considered necessary the principal agent shall revise the final account within ten 10 working days and resubmit such final account to the contractor Such guarantee shall be issued by a guarantor to the reasonable approval of the employer 2. The land or place on, over, under, in or through which the works is to be executed and as stated in the contract data TAX: Munor part of this publication may jbcx reproduced, munor in any retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the Joint Building Contracts Committee.

No agreement or addendum varying, adding to, deleting or terminating this agreement including this clause shall be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties Where such word or phrase is not highlighted it shall bear the meaning consistent with the context of its use.

The contractor may appoint a competent representative to administer and control the works in his stead. Where the final account: Such contract minutes shall be issued to the employer and the contractor for action. No representations, miinor, conditions or warranties not contained in this agreement shall be binding on the parties.

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