Wikipedia Cites and the Whole Industry Sees a New Way to Play

Wikipedia cites alongside the page of woodblock printing, and it addresses something very compelling about the industry. Woodblock printing is not so much an alternative to traditional screen printing, but a new potential option. It is harder to do than screen printing. It takes longer and it is less popular by design. But, it is wonderfully appealing because it potentially cuts right to the same things that draw people to things that are different. Woodblock printing is harder to do and rarer. Clients are attracted to it for those reasons because they are attempting to differentiate themselves.

The screen printing industry is also flooded in a whole lot of aspiring clients with some great designs and few barriers. Screen printers have to have a discerning eye on who they work with. This is because anyone with a website and a decent design can theoretically have a clothing company. They can make an order with a screen printer and have 50 or more shirts. Yes, their money is good in the traditional sense. Yes, it is an order. But, it won’t lead to future orders. It won’t get the screen printer in front of a lot of other solid clients and other opportunities. In short, it is a quick one-off client. Some of these orders can be acceptable, but a screen printer can’t rely on them to keep their company thriving.

Woodblock printing is one monumental example of differentiation. Shopworx is a platform that allows screen printers to organize their various needs and their services. The website will offer a complete rundown of the platform. Woodblock printing is a peculiar option for a client looking to make their brand fundamentally different. This may encourage a client to do something new, and to see greater growth because of it.

Shopworx fits into pre-existing systems for screen printers to do a whole lot of new things to attract new types of clients. Clients are the blood of the company, but short-run quick clients can see the printer spinning its wheels. Innovations in woodblock printing and in new platforms will see the screen printer grow.