Runaki Introduces Shadow Spy Software


(Gurgaon, India)— India-based software company Runaki Technology announced the introduction of their Shadow Spy software. Designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet, the Shadow Spy application gives employers and parents the power to monitor their employees or underage children as they use a mobile device.

A representative of Shadow Spy commented, “Smartphones and tablets have opened up a whole new world of personal technology that allows people around the globe to connect instantly and on a very intimate level. While these advances in technology can provide more opportunity for business and personal growth, it has also presented dangers that were not previously present.”

The representative continued, “Now, parents have to worry about Teen Safe, child safety, while employers are raising concerns about lost productivity among their workforce. Our software aims to solve problems like this, putting parents and employers back in control.”

Shadow Spy is compatible with all Android devices running like Gingerbread or a newer operating system. Requiring only an internet connection for data transfer, the application works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the device being monitored. Shadow Spy runs in full stealth mode and is completely undetectable by the person using the device. All monitoring logs are updated instantly.

For those concerned about pricing, Shadow Spy offers several packages with a range of costs suitable to any parent’s or employer’s budget. The features of each package depend on the needs of the user, allowing them to choose the subscription length that’s right for them. All packages include the use of all of Shadow Spy’s Child monitoring, mobile spy, and Go Live features.

As the Shadow Spy representative went on to say, “Having access to applications that allow for parental control,employee monitoring, and mobile device logging is a must in the digital age in which we live. With the increased threat to safety and productivity comes an increased need to keep track of what employees and children are doing on their mobile devices. In turn, parents and employers will enjoy greater peace of mind as they go about their day.”

About Runaki:

Runaki Technology are the makers of Shadow Spy, a leading mobile application designed for monitoring employees or underage children on a smartphone or tablet. The application runs in stealth mode and silently monitors device activities, including but not limited to call history logs, text messages tracking, GPS location tracking, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat monitoring, key stroke logging, notification logging and more.


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Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a Human Resource Management Software It is a known fact that the market for human resource management software is very crowded and the players range from industry colossal to new companies to specialists in particular niches that that amplify the breadth of offerings in this technological space and making the right choice can be quite hectic. The truth is that given all these dynamics it is easy to make mistakes, but there are some major mistakes which can be avoided. One colossal mistake that most organizations make is using a very detailed selection process because it is a long-standing norm that human resource management software selection requires a request for proposal that contains detailed system requirements, a prequalifying or sifting process that yields a shortlist of vendors, prearranged demos, an objective rating method and then this leads to a purchase decision. It is a known fact that this is a good practice, but companies need to aware of the fact that having too many extraneous details in the request for proposal can have an effect of reducing each pitch to the vendor to become a lengthy checklist process which hinders the organization from seeing the real merits of the system or the demerits of the system. The wise approach would be to help vendors create a thorough understanding of the situation and goals of the company then letting them propose a solution based on the software they have created and apart from just getting a good software the organization gets a chance to learn how working with the vendor will be like.
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The other blunder that most organizations make in selecting their human resource management software is by ignoring evolution since most organizations focus so much on their current needs such that the future requirements of the firm are ignored which is a pitfall that can rapidly reduce the lifespan of the human resource software. An HRM system that is future-proof is the best option provided it is scalable and flexible enough to handle the expansion and changing needs of the client company and it should be able to keep up with workplace technology changes such as the increased use and integration of social media tools, human capital analytics and mobile devices.
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