Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System. add a review I have two AK- ‘s, one working, one not. I would very much like to obtain a PDF. Title: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Author: Ty chamberlain, Name: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, . Description. Find A Used Hughes AK HUGHES AK SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM. The Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System.

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Toasted AlmondFeb 26, Hughds impression is it is very good addition to the system. For FM and old cassettes, it can help.

Can still be looped thru your receivers tape-monitor circuit for same affect output from the speakers. Exit 5 on the Jersey Turnpike.

This is what worked best for me keeping in mind everyone’s taste and system is different, which I suppose has a lot to do with why they make this a,100 of thing adjustable in the first place.

I did pick one up and will be installing it shortly to see if it makes a difference in imaging. Center – 10 o’clock Space – Noon Level – 11 o’clock All other controls off. Do you already have an account? People forget the power a hughess and almost silly dream but this thing really works. Give yourself some time to get used to it. Pushing this switch will also decrease the amount of ambient information during quiet passages in music or in film soundtracks.


Too much space and center can actually collapse the stage. Lot of the algorithms used are emulated in the software version you see in media players and plugins. The hardware box is more versatile hughed it allows things like reverse and 3D mono which is quite tasty with older recordings. In audio mastering we can turn your mono world into stereo one with no side effects.

WolverineHugyes 31, Share This Page Tweet. If you are looking for that massive stereo sound, and are finding that your plug ins just are doing the trick, hit us up. For example, sounds coming from straight ahead have a different transfer function, or frequency characteristics, than sounds coming from the sides or from the rear. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Skip to main content.


Bluetooth Audio Amplifier, 2-Ch. Each control has a center detente, which I found was a good place to begin when setting up the AK for any kind of musical program.

But hey, I like audio toys. Kanata OttawaON, Canada. Do you really get 3-D sound out of 2 speakers? KentTeffetellerMar 30, Hughew bad, but over engineered in a lot of ways. Like most ambience enhancers results vary with different types of music,acoustic jazz works pretty well.

It employs no artificial reverberation, and neither does it use harmonic generation or artificial phase correction alteration.

What is the best way to setup one of these units? The speakers at least. Discussion in ‘ General Audio Discussion ‘ started by archie2Feb 25, The job of an engineer. To put it simply, we are tricked into believing that sounds are coming from locations other than the two loudspeakers in front of us. Also has a “3-D mono” setting to create artificial “stereo” from any mono source, even the AM radio. Share This Page Tweet.


NTM – Hughes AK-100

This is nughes a good recording but the SRS just seems to fill it out a bit more. Was this the SRS box? The speakers at least Verified purchase: WolverineMar 29, That was a form of ambiance enhancement.

Home Audio Surround Sound Processors 5. I have a similar unit. Mostly, have fun with it! Show More Show Less.

It sounds amazing running mono instruments through it such as acoustic guitars, horns, strings, or even vocals. Pop the top on that rascal and you can certainly see that it was designed and built by aerospace nerds Also, the Carver sonic Hologram, which is similar. Indeed it is a toy. ManitoulinFeb 25, Do you already have an account? Your name or email address:

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