Has anybody created Gotrek and Felix characters for ST yet? I thought I’d ask before I tried it myself – In case anybody has tried who has more. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a Gotrek is also a very grim and moody figure, even by Dwarven standards, and possesses the same stubborn character, obsession with honour, . As a result, Grey Seer Thanquol gains the Hatred (Gotrek & Felix) special rule and Gotrek & Felix may not use their Magic Resistance against.

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I’ve forgotten my password. Felix is also something of a womanizer, and forms several romantic relationships over the course of the series, most prominently with the Kislevite noblewoman and eventual vampire Ulrika Magdova. Goterk, that’s right, this guy is so good at screwing things over for his own damn team that a member of a race dedicated to the destruction of his race considers him more useful alive than dead.

Gotrek and Felix

Likewise, Gotrek and Felix have vowed revenge on Thanquol when they next meet, especially Felix as Thanquol was responsible for the death of Felix’s father. The Slayer is armed with a gotrdk rune axe that was probably forged and used by the Dwarf ancestor god of war and vengeance in the first big throw-down with Chaos.

Her transformation is one of the reasons why Felix stayed out of the Old World for two decades.

They own all rights etc etc. He dies after being blasted off an airship, after fighting Be’lakor one-on-one and anx him from the material plane. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The axe is also mutating him into some sort of super-Dwarf.


Gotrek, son gotrej Gurni: Gotrek fights first the Bloodthirster he beseted in Daemonslayer, and then once Felix draws the aggro of every daemon present faces off against Be’lakor, beating him back and cutting off the daemon’s arm. Since swearing his oath to accompany the Slayer, Felix has also been bound into this mysterious destiny.

While it is true he has phenomenal sorcerous skill and great cunning, Thanquol gotrej to leave the dirty work to his underlings: More recently, he found himself spat back out into the Mortal Realms.

His inability to find the heroic end he seeks begins to take its toll after a time, and by the events of OrcslayerGotrek is becoming worried that all that remains for him is a pathetic doom against ad opponents like Goblins, or even worse, death as a result of old age. After Gotrek saved Felix from being killed in the Window Tax Riots in AltdorfFelix, in a drunken stupor, swore a blood-oath to record Gotrek’s doom so that his honor could be maintained and to let him be remembered by the world.

Against Dragons, the Wyrmslayer blade allows Felix to re-roll missed attacks and failed rolls to wound.

Ulrika eventually grows close to Max after he saves her from a Nurglite plague and a lot of unrequited attention, ending her relationship with Felix. This shit here is real tragedy, you stone-hearted monsters. Earned something within shouting distance of Gotrek’s grudging respect by kicking almost as much ass, which speaks volumes considering how much he hates elves. Written first by William King before it taken off him by BL for some random reason and then given to a gorrek of other writers to continue, the series at first followed the ingenious idea of naming the book after whatever is going to feel Gotrek’s feoix thumping into their heads.


Retrieved from ” https: The first twelve books of the series, from Trollslayer goterk Zombieslayer, have been reprinted in four Gotrek and Felix Omnibus collections. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat Felix Jaeger is Gotrek’s reluctant companion and “Rememberer.

Showed up in one book to help Gotrek and Felix kill possibly the greatest threat though not the greatest physical challenge they ever faced, the sorcerer twins below and a brainwashed giant of the ancient Sky-Titan variety, not the current foot inbred variety.

Gotrek and Felix – Wikipedia

Ads by Project Wonderful! This article has multiple issues. Wracked with guilt and shame, Gotrek shaved his hair, becoming a Slayer.

However, they encountered Kat again in Shamanslayer many years later, now a woman in her late twenties and a deadly warrior, driven to kill all beastmen to avenge the murder of her adopted family. After the battle, Kat begged Gotrek and Felix to let her go with them, but the pair refused, knowing a child wouldn’t be safe travelling with them, and left her in the care of a woodsman and his family. This apparent contradiction is rooted in the nature of the Slayer Oath.

Tutorial info Visit support topic Added on: She becomes Felix’s girlfriend for awhile, though tensions emerge due to their respective duties.

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