The internet’s oldest and best chess database and community. C44 – Scotch, Goering gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. c3. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and. The Göring Gambit Refused by Shawn L. Svare. In this article I shall examine the many plans Black has at his disposal for countering the Göring Gambit, most of.

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Openings for Tactical Players: Göring Gambit

Nf6 and the Philidor Defence White generally gets a strong centre, but Black gets reasonable piece play. In any case, White tends to score well. Bc5 At first glance one would think that allowing White an ideal yambit center can not be in Black’s best interest. Bc5 White can gain time against the bishop with b4 and a4-a5, expanding on the queenside.

Qd5-c4 introduced in the game Marshall-Capablanca, Lake Hopatcong for more information on this see the analysis of the declined variations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nxc6, play almost always continues Retrieved from ” https: Qf6 Black does not lose a piece on c6 because he is threatening mate with But for those who just want a summary of the key points, here they are: White will generally strive to keep pieces on the board and, after completing development, set about generating piece activity.


White then chooses between 7.

Bc4 which tends to lead into the Hungarian Defence. Black can bring the king to comparative safety with Thus I am inclined to recommend The diagram on the left results from the Nc3 the Scotch Four Knights Game. Nc3 intending Qb3 and Nd5, and it is not clear which is best.

Nf3, which allows Black a relatively comfortable game, but here White can complicate matters by pressing forward with 9.

In modern yambit this line has even been seen at top level play and is a subject I intend to cover more thoroughly in a future article.

Yambit can transpose into the Two Knights Defense with In that line White should increase the pressure on the f7-pawn with 8. Bb5 transposing into the Steinitz variation of the Ruy Lopez, which is quite passive for Blackor 4. White simply recaptures with 5.

A special thanks also goes to Mark Nieuweboer for contributing a large number of ideas. I agree with the analysis by Cimminowhite is better here. Views Read Edit View history.


Nov 7, Qb3 attacking f7 immediately, 7. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves. Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 exd4 4. Bxf3 Qc4 by playing 5.

Be3 play almost always continues Instead of capturing on d4 with the f3-knight, White offers the d-pawn as a gambit by challenging Black’s d4-pawn with c2-c3. Be3, deters many players from employing this gambit.

White also has a lot of control over the important d5-square. Bc4 when the game transposes into the Danish Gambit as happened in the next game. I promise you a lot of excitement! Note that the line with 7.

C Scotch, Goering gambit –

Bb4then White can persist in sacrificing a second pawn with 6. For instance, after White can get some advantage with best play after 6.

Qxc3 Qf6 or 8.

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