Henri Godin; George Steiner, Extraterritorial. Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution, French Studies, Volume XXXIII, Issue suppl. EXTRATERRITORIAL [George Steiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Extraterritorial [George Steiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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To the addict, such a description is blasphemy.

Sfeiner are, however, not so straightforward. Some chance instigation— a tune or harmonic progression picked out on a piano in the next room, a row of figures set out for addition on a shop slate, the sight of the opening moves in a stekner chess game— triggers a chain reaction in one limited zone of the human psyche. The Angel names Jacob at the end of their long match, the Sphinx compels Oedipus to name himself, to know himself as man.

Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution – George Steiner – Google Books

They make a noise steinrr feathers. The fact is that even lame translations communicate much of his spell. Kafka notes in his diary for 24th October, I suspect that many of the characteristic motions of style in Nabokov’s fiction since Sebastian Knight embody a resur- rection of, or variation on, the poetry which Nabokov pro- duced in Russian from to Different papers in this book touch on one or another aspect of their extraterritorial- ity.

I stumble, I fall. Yesterday it occurred to me that I did not always love my mother as she deserved and as I could, only because the German language prevented it. As his tracts make plain, he could not accept the literary mastery of French achieved by such “outsiders” as Proust, Henry Bernstein, and Maurois, wanderers at home in several languages but earthbound in none. In Celine, a justifiable pacifism went mad. There is in Beckett a formidable inverse extraterrutorial.


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Whether or not it is “merely put there as a kind of private joke,” the fabric of bibliographical allusions, philosophic tags, literary cita- tions, kabbalistic references, mathematical and philologi- cal acrostics which crowd Borges’ stories and poems is, obviously, crucial to the way he experiences reality. But geogre concept of essential abstraction, of a break be- steineg word and fulfillment, may help one approach the undeniable unity of Celine’s work and may give a clue to the coexistence of a literary talent of the first rank with obvious moral bestiality.

He himself seems conscious of the drawbacks. Cards can come to mean the same absolute. Is there an explanation? We cannot pro- hibit that which we cannot name. Much of European vulgate literature has behind it the active pres- sure of more than one language. For a good deal of Beckett’s work we do not know whether the English or the French version came first.

Now the park gates are shut, top hats and rhetoric molder on empty benches.

Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution

Time had caught up; the major artist is, precisely, one who dreams ahead. Nothing destroys us more surely than the silence of another human being. It is not sufficient. The intense energies of spirit, the technical force which linguistics has shown over these past decades are both the stimulus and the conse- quence of a larger re-direction. Undoubtedly, Celine’s infernal sociology had deep roots in his sense of the French language.

Language and Silence Essays But his personal anthology of English writers is a curi- ous one. Dow Marmur – – History of European Ideas 20 When he moves, by word-play and echo, from language to language, he is turning the kaleidoscope, throwing the light on another patch of the wall.


Write a customer review. Les Beaux Draps, published inset out the author’s conviction that the defeat and misere of France were the direct result of Jewish intrigue, Jewish foulness, and the well-known pestilence of Semitic influence and treason in high places.

In the other direction, I mean from top to bottom, it was the same, the word is not too strong. In a game that provides the all too obvious climax, Julian wrests the crown from his hated senior. The notion that there is a deep affinity is not novel. Even in these virtuoso flights, as in certain writings of Swift, the excremental and sadistic compulsion seems to go beyond artistic purpose.

Meaning, in fact, is the essence, the underlying structure of natural forms. At the suggestion of M.

He is, as it were, inside his opponent’s skull, seeing himself as the enemy of the moment, parrying his own moves and immediately leaping back into his own skin to seek a counter to the counterstroke. All dialogue is a proffer of mutual cognizance and a strategic re-definition of self.

As Luzhin plummets to his death, his carefully analyzed suimate, the chasm of the night and of the chill flagstones below ‘Svas seen to divide into dark and pale squares. Or do these wondrous miniature beings actually create?

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