Nor, viewed as a biography, does xvi JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Forkel much enlarge our knowledge of the con- ditions of Bach’s life. He had the advantage. Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology is a thorough . Johann Sebastian Bach: His life, art, and work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Polchau and from him to the Berlin Royal Library. His father’s asserted neglect to instruct him is therefore hardly credible. But the fact cannot excuse gross neglect of their father’s widow.

They could not all live in the same locality. When the examination was over, especially if the instrument pleased him, Bach liked to exhibit his splendid talent, both for his own gach and the gratification of those who forel present.

In fact she was per- mitted to become dependent on public charity, and died, an alms-woman, on February 27,nearly ten years after her great husband.

Consequently, their pupils, con- demned to spend time, labour, and money on second-rate material, will not after half a dozen years, perhaps, show themselves farther advanced hi sound musical appreciation than they were at the outset. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Bach’s hand, gives July 30 as the date of his father’s death. Bach brought the methods I have indicated to bear upon Church music, and they help to explain his extraordinarily dignified and inspired playing, which was at once so appropriate and filled the listener with deep awe and admiration.

About 12 thalers came to him from endowments. According to this story of the event, Bach, summoned from Weimar, attended Marchand’s concert incognito, and after hearing Marchand perform, was invited by Volumier to take his seat at the Clavier.

As he was not allowed a candle, he could only copy it on moonlight nights, and it was six months before he finished his heavy task. In chromatic movements his modulation was as easy and sequent as in diatonic. On his return to Weimar he received a formal invitation to accept the post. Recent re- search, and particularly the classic volumes of Spitta and Schweitzer, have placed the present generation in a more instructed and therefore responsible position.


The extemporisation of the six- part Fugue took place in Frederick’s presence on the evening of that day. Forkel dedicated the work to Gottfried van Swieten.

It has been thought advisable to write an addendum to Chapter II. Reckoned in modern currency, and judged by the standard of the period, the Cantor’s income was not inadequate and served to maintain Bach’s large family hi comfort. More- over, the governors of the School were the Town Council, vach body which had little sympathy with or appreciation of Bach’s artistic aims and tem- perament. This article needs additional citations for verification.

He was appointed to Cothen on August 1,and was inducted at Leipzig on May 31, And the method has this advantage: We may discover and lay bare the secrets of his technique.

Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life, Art, and Work – Wikipedia

Those who want to read it in German are free to do so. Bach thereupon repeated from memory Marchand’s theme and variations, and added others of his own. Bach’s pre-eminent position and his high reputa- tion often caused him to be invited to examine candidates for vacant organistships, fforkel to report on foekel Organs. Six years later the University Church of St. On these occasions music was their sole recreation. In he was Organist of St. The present writer had an opportunity to examine them in the Library of the Cologne Conservatorium of Music in the spring of this year.

Streatfield ‘ Handel,’ p.

Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life, Art, and Work by Johann Nikolaus Forkel

Whittaker, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who have read these pages in proof, and improved them by their criticism. Why wasn’t a new translation attempted by the editors of the ‘New Bach Reader’ Is Kollmann’s translation to be treated as the equal to the King James Version of the Bible?


In the second quarter of the 20th century new German editions with updated clarifications were produced. Johann Nikolaus Forkelborn Feb. But for the inequitable distribu- tion of his property, dorkel to his intestacy, which left Anna Magdalena only about thalers and the mining share, Bach’s widow and unmarried BACH AT LEIPZIG, 39 daughters ought not to have been afflicted with excessive poverty, as in fact they were.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel | German musicologist and writer |

Whoever did the translation, it was by guys who were there. In Scheibe published in the ‘ Kritische Musikus ‘ a criticism of Bach which, while doing justice to his powers as an organist, characterised his compositions as ‘ turgid and confused in character.

Matthew Passion,’ which he was then writing, with the first chorus of the ‘Trauer- Ode ‘ as an opening of the extemporised work. Even after the family had grown very large, and many of flrkel members had left Thuringia to settle in Upper and Lower Saxony and Franconia, the Bachs continued their annual meetings. For funerals one thaler 15 groschen was paid when the whole school accompanied the procession and a Motet was sung at the house of the deceased.

There had been some conjecture earlier that the translation was really by forkwl Mr Stephenson inbut Walter Emery in cleared that up in favor of Kollmann. Out of the money collected on St. But Bach’s activity as a secular composer at Leipzig was chiefly expended on patriotic celebra- tions. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how bzch or related subjects are covered.

The most notable of these Bachs are:

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