Rudras are forms and followers of the god Rudra-Shiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon. They are at times identified with the. ekadasarudra, ekadasa rudra, 11rudras, Shiva, Siva, Rudra, rudram, However the 11 Rudras worshipped in the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the most. These are the 11 forms of Rudra and their mantras. These mantras are very very effective when chanted during the stationary (Stambha) period.

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It is a small world indeed. He is clad in tiger skin and is decorated with snake ornaments. Often brutal, though usually good humoured, they are feared by everyone.

The Rudras Eleven | Sulekha Creative

But, as a rule, all Rudras are said to possess forms similar to Shiva. He wears matted hair with crescent moon in it. He is jackal faced with terrible fangs and looking angry. Kindly let me know if I can be of any assistance. Many of these kandikas are ekafasa from Rig-Veda Samhita.

Rudra is depicted as the ever ekadxsa, most powerful, malevolent and terrifying deityLord of thunderstorms and lightning, presiding over the entire existence. And each text follows its own set of eleven Rudras.


It appears, you too may have to select your team of the Rudras Eleven from across the spectrum of Rudras in each category, according ekaadasa your preferences. But, as a rule, all Rudras are said to possess forms similar to Shiva. His limbs are reddish —dark in colour; he wears dark garments; holds a majestic staff death and is richly ornamented. That surely is easier but lacks authenticity.

Rudra the howler or the red one is the cause of tears, because: Dwarapalas are regular features in the Hindu and Buddhist temples. The earliest mentions of Rudra occur in the Rig Veda, where three entire hymns are devoted to him.

Their names and attributes differ from one text to another. The myths and legends that allege the origin of the Rudra abound.

Even Numbers are 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,and Best regards, Atma Raga. Visvakarma Shilpa a text of Shilpa sastra: He should be provided ten arms. But, one cannot make out which are those Rudras, their names or special attributes, because all are made to look alike. They hold, in various combinations, the instruments such as: The Rudras are said to be truly infinite shatam anantam bhavati, rudrq.

Ekadasa Rudra (11 Rudra Avatars)

Rudra is also described through various other terms related to forest-dwellers, hunters and artisans. Dear Sreenivasarao, Thank you very much for reply.

Could you please give me info – texts, descriptions or images – of 11 forms of Rudra?


I am Russian, living in France, and English is not my mother language, so i need some time to read it. The elusive power Ajnanam of his Maya cannot fathom either. Pray therefore to the Rudras for protection and benevolence; and to alleviate our troubles. He is associated with the dramatic fierceness of the thunderstorm and lightening which strike at men and cattle, but which through the rain brings forth peace and plenty.

He is three eyed and two armed; the hands gesturing protection and boons; and carrying a book and a rosary. He is addressed rudrz the thousand-eyed one saharaksha holding thunderbolts. Dear Atma-Raga; Good Morning. Vishnudharmottara states that Mahadeva should be have a moon like complexion and seated on a bull. The Sacred books of the Hindus.

Ekadasa Rudra (11 Rudra Avatars)

I am happy you readlistened and liked. He is asked not to afflict children, men and cattle with disease RV 7. Or you may select a particular text and follow its tradition of depiction.

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