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If it is a product you have purchased, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. A common cause of vehicles fighting mileage gains is a hidden problem with the vehicle itself. Replace the back on the case. But there is a limit to how many times you can turn them, and I have ruined one once by turning one too far.

However, the information is not available for all cars and trucks. Mike Thanks a lot for your post. I was hoping that with all of the knowledgeable people this forum has, that someone would have the ability to replicate the idea. Test1 failed of course. Such settings includes the electronic modules that control the air conditioning system, power seats especially if those have individual settings for each driverpower windows, power mirrors and sunroof, radio stations and other settings in the sound system.

As for altering the MAF, resistance in the tan wire with the blue tracer has worked well for me.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Even the main IC in this circuit is one I am not familiar with. Also, it has been found that Dual EFIEs require calibration, and have therefore retained the pot that can be used for range adjustments. However, at this point your mileage literally tanks. Right at the It is commonly called a Narrow-Band sensor because it is only accurate within a narrow range of AFR operation.


It was developed for s17 injected vehicles, and was found to be necessary in order for other fuel efficiency devices to work on them. If you use the other side, then counter-clockwise will raise the voltage.

It will put your computer into open loop, which means your mileage will get worse. A higher VREF will retard timing. In a practical sense though, you should never need to take these last 2 readings, unless you suspect that the sensor is malfunctioning. And the same applies at the top end of the scale. Eie it’s a 6 wire, 2 of the wires are for the IAT.

If the engine is under less of a load, the ECU will want to deliver less fuel.

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Note that when power is shut off to the EFIE, or the EFIE’s switch is turned off, the original connection between the oxygen sensor and the computer is re-established. Some cars get check engine lights after a mere muffler change!

They cost, at most, a few cents more. If the EFIE cannot warm up to a normal room temperature, it will read lower than it will when warm. High signal voltage, high fuel requirements. If you are looking into this mod I would highly recommend a multi turn pot for making adjustments.

We do this by making it think there is less oxygen in the exhaust than there actually is.


The average vehicle will use something like a 3. First of all, why would you want to disconnect the car’s battery? The circuit board series and the Basic series are the same.

If you use an EFIE on one of these sensors, I would appreciate an email telling me how it efiie for you, the settings you used, etc, because I don’t have any personal experience with these.

The range adjustment feature has been discontinued for single EFIE models.

The MAP Sensor is part of the car, while the enhancer is just that, an enhancer that we add to the car in order to fine-tuning the MAP signal. If you put a timing light on the engine as you adjust IAT values, you won’t see the timing change.


For your general information, you can also build yourself an EFIE alternative from free plans known as “D17”. Wfie you connect your volt meter to an oxygen sensor efke wire and ground, while the engine is running, you’ll see the voltage is constantly changing, and you’ll probably see voltages in the range of. Use both jumpers in New England for instance where it is too cold for human habitation from November to March each year.

Guys at mv boost to the O2 sensor the car is driving well with good power. Therefore the output of the regulator will be

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