“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Simone summoned many of his friends and foreign foot- soldiers. A successful merchant, a prominent member of the silk guild, an active member of the government. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Email. Dino goes on to quote as an instance the case of a Buondelmonte, in which the houses of a family were destroyed as the punishment of florsnce murder which for some reason or other did not come within the purview of the Ordinances.

He was little to be trusted, and more cruel than just. For, inasmuch as the Guelfs were off of one another, and angry words were passing in their assemblies and councils, the more prudent began to fear what might come of this, and already to see signs of what they dreaded 2.

And many citizens drew to their side, tlorence others, M. The powerful citizens, who were not all noble by race, some being called Magnates accidentally 1tried many means of subduing the popolani, on account of the hatred they bore them.

Jodi Ann rated it liked it Jun 05, Dino here and elsewhere groups his facts, without regard to chronological sequence, in the order in which he thinks they will make the most vivid impression on his readers. It was those who wanted to secure the fortresses who disapproved of the war, against the danger of which they conceived that the possession of the fortresses would be a protection.

Monfiorito was evidently a mere tool in the hands of the “most wicked citizens.

Though it may not have been true that the Signory then in office actually gave such an order, there is no doubt that the exclusion of the Blacks from office in Pistoja was carried out by the Cerchi party with their privity and con- nivance ; and the fact of the Cerchi identifying themselves with the White Cancellieri at Pistoja caused them and their adherents at Florence to be known as the Whites.

Buonaccorso degli Adimari, a Guelf, powerful on account of his connections and rich in estates, had increased in arrogance, and, heedless of his party’s blame, had married his son — a knight named M. He promised office to many, and deceived them by these promises.

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Corso was freely accused of this crime, but it was not investigated, seeing that proof could not be had ; but the rancour grew from day to day, inso- THE FIRST BOOK 55 much that the Cerchi began to withdraw both from the Donati and from the meetings of the Party 5and to make advances to the popolani and the Signory, with whom they were in favour, both because they were men of chrinicle and kindly clorence position and because they were very obliging, so that they could obtain from them the Signory what they wished ; and they were on similar terms with the Magistrates.

Lis rated it it was ok Jul 12, The plot against Giano was discovered one day when I, Dino, and some of them 1 were about to assemble in Ognissanti, and Giano was walking in the garden. They then decided to take Bibbiena crhonicle, and, like desperate men, prepared to do so without further deliberation. Scene in the monastery of Ognissanti January Never- theless they 2 hired a captain, called M. The introduction summarizes the rest of the book very An exhaustive detailing of the feud between the Ghibellines and the Guelfs in thirteenth century Florence, which eventually turns into fighting between the Black and White Guelfs and draws in other parts of Italy as well as the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Dino Compagni

Goccia Adimari, on account of a quarrel he had with his kinsmen ; Bernardo, son of M. There was presented to the commonwealth a very fine and strong lion, the which was in a den in the piazza of San Giovanni.

Search the full text of this book: Those liable to compagnj service received a yearly salary which varied in amount. See below, and Villani, vii. Humble yourselves before me. Let two of you 9 go back, and let them have my blessing if they can cause my will to be obeyed. Janusz rated it liked it Oct 26, Under a modification of the Ordinances, which came into force on July folrence, some six months after the events related in this chapterit was provided that the Ordi- nances should not apply flrence chastisement inflicted by Magnates on their servants.

Schiatta Amati, mentioned just afterwards, belonged to the Cancellieri, and they were the heads of the two factions. For after the Florentines had got possession of the city, its beautiful walls were demolished.

His object in sending Jean de Chalon was of course to revive the drooping cause of Ghibellinism and enforce the Imperial rights in Tuscany cf.


Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

Charles passed on to the Court of Rome 1 without entering Florence ; he was vehemently urged on [by the Black Guelfs]and many sus- picions were put into his mind [by them]]. As Dino is more concerned to unfold its conse- quences than to describe it chrobicle, he passes over its earlier stages, for details of which see G.

Niccola was seized and sentenced to pay lire chronicpe M. The judges of the courts of the Sesti see I. The site of the battle is rather less than half-way down the Casentino. The chrohicle men of the Cerchi encountered the company of the Donati, among whom was a nephew of M. It was therefore important that the assembly should be representative of the whole Guelf party, and Bartolo de’ Bardi, who had been one of the original Priors I.

He quickly understood their will and followed it.

Understanding the history of Florence through primary texts

The boldness of compagnu popola7ii was so much increased when they saw that the three officers of their appointing were not opposed ; and the out- spoken language of the citizens who talked of their liberty and of the wrongs they chroonicle suffered, so stirred up the three that they were emboldened to make ordinances and laws which it would be hard to evade.

What victory will ye have? Not the palace of the Signory, which was only begun in see II. The Cerchi exiles are recalled Failing them the “Captains of the War ” would take their place. Arroti past participle of arrogere, to add. The first law compelling Magnates to give security against the commission of crimes was passed in Florencce The scheme here mentioned by Dino was that Jean de Chalon should head the Ghibelline army as though to attack S.

The term ” people” here includes, in addition to the popolani, the lesser traders and the populace, of whom Giano had constituted himself the champion. Buondel- monte, a wise and discreet knight 12said that the risk was too great, that too much evil might come of it, and that for the present they had better proceed no further.

The words cchronicle rivalry for office ” refer to the Signory.

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