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uno 14’71 DEUTSCHE NORMEN July • ~I~ ~ £ ‘0 . Stranded Conductors Steel-reinforced Aluminium Conductors DIN. ACSR conductor DIN standard. Application. ACSR conductor(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) are suitable for use in all practical spans on wood. O tano. Aluminum conductor Steel reinforced (ACSR) Cables to DIN. Standard. APPLICATION. ACSR conductors are widely used for electrical power .

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Low Voltage Cable High Ultra High Certificate: Package Finished ASCR conductor wire rolled surrounded Wooden drum compactly for the convenience of your installation.

ACSR, Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (DIN 48204)

Medium Voltage Cable Drums within shipping container are fixed with wooden or steel frames. PVC Electrical Cable Rubber Flexible Cable They are also used as a messenger for supporting overhead electrical cables.

Any third-party inspection agent is welcomed. Product List Bare Overhead Conductor. Galvanized steel core consist normally of 1, 7 48240 19 wires. I’m Online Chat Now. Aerial Bundled Cable Contact Us Sitemap Chinese.


Zhengzhou Lemei Wire and Cable Co. Mineral Insulated Cable Flexible Control Cable Download full specifications table of ACSR we manufactured. The diameters of steel and aluminium wires can be the same, or different. The diameters of steel and aluminium wires can be the same, or different.

The combined light weight and high conductivity of aluminum with strength of the steel cores enable higher tensions ,less sag,and longer spans than any alternative. Sealed with slabs and reinforced with steel strip for additional strength, solid enough for overseas transportation.

By varying the relative proportions of aluminium and steel, the required characteristics for any particular application can be reached.

ACSR conductor DIN standard

Or free to open the link above to preview in your browser. Technical Data Code Number. Armoured Electrical Cable The additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the cores or infusion of the complete cable with grease.


Product Features Very efficient conductivity and high tensile strength Advance manufacture facility imported from GermanSuitable for overhead ground wires, river crossings as well as extra long span installations Excellent weather-resistance property. The wire or wires which form the core, are made of galvanized steel and the external layer or layers, are of aluminium. Drums can be steel made and size can vary with your needs.

China ACSR, Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (DIN ) – China ACSR, Conductor

Contact Us Contact Us. Proudly be verified by BureauVeritas, quality you can trust. ACSR conductors are formed by several wires of aluminium and galvanized steel, stranded in concentric layers.

Wooden drum, Steel wooden drum, Coil Port: Fire Resistance Cable Aluminum Alloy Cable Only contain valuable information and NO spam. UL Listed Cable

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