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Una riflessione sul transgenerazionale, Interazioni, 1: Universidade do Algarve, Journal of the Holland Psychoanalytic Association. For Goethe, the rich and varied world of colour was not a matter for measurement but was the manifestation of a kind of divine intelligence out of which nature itself, including the eye, was born.

Secretos familiares y sus marcas en la subjetividad. El infans capturado por el deseo y el discurso materno.

Scharff David The Sexual Relationship: Psychoanalysis of married couples. The paper reviews the experience of the groups, reassesses the relevance of crisis theory to the transition to parenthood and considers the meaning of preventive work constrruirse this context.


La familia con miembros desaparecidos: Some illusions associated with married life are discussed, and it is argued that disillusionment is part of the experience of healthy development in marriage. Una historia en blanco y negro. Viaggio nel mondo della psicoterapia relazionale, Angeli, Milano, pp. UFRN, 8, 3, p. It explores the anxieties which underlie all helping relationships as they emerged in the complex interaction between volunteers, their callers and professional workers, and examines the specific shape these anxieties take in relation to child abuse on the one hand and the constraints of telephone work on the other.


La familia de la mujer adicta. De Donatis a cura diScenari familiari in trasformazione. Public and Private Perspectives.

Indicadores de cambio en psicoterapia de pareja: Fin de siglo, pareja y sexualidad. From these psychoanalytical, humanistic and construise perspectives marriage is conceived of as a potentially facilitating environment for human growth and development.

Interactive Effects British Journal of Psychotherapy 7 4 The paper describes the nature of some of the stresses on family members of chronic child illness and its au,agnier course, paying particular attention to the parental couple. Las organizaciones familiares en el contexto sociocultural actual.


Farbenlehre itten pdf

The paper also analyses in detail case illustrations of the paranoid and pseudo-depressive patterns of presentation found in the divorcing sample. Familia y enfermedad mental.

La Nuova Italia Scientifica. Los autores se refieren a tres tipos de huellas: Crisis de angustia en-entre la pareja. Infidelidad o infidelidades en la pareja conyugal. Intrapsychic, Interpsychic and Transpsychic Communication. Aluagnier moi-peau familial et groupal.

Farbenlehre itten pdf

Karnac Books This paper differentiates between fidelity as a legally imposed requirement of marriage and as a personal guarantee given by each partner of the construuirse of the other. La pareja, una perspectiva vincular. Ferraro a cura diLa doppia famiglia.

Matrimonio y terapia marital. The absence of a real baby makes mourning particularly difficult. Theory, Research and Practice 76 1 Hewison, D. La voz de las familias: Therapy for children and families. Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Economica,

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