The ImageRead function performs the same operation as the cfimage read action . However, you cannot use the cfimage tag to read and create. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation operations as a border; captcha; convert; info; read; resize; rotate; write; writeToBrowser. The other day, I needed to do some on-the-fly conversion of PNG image files to JPG format in ColdFusion. This was part of stop-gap measure at.

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ColdFusion 8 has given cimage CFImage. It does perfectly put the page together with no pixels being off ColdFusion supports the following default image formats on Macintosh, Windows, and Unix operating systems:. When reading in an image, the source of the image can be any one of the following: Add a red border of 5 pixels to an image, write the output to a variable. These return comma-delimited lists of the file types that ColdFusion can deal with.

Sign up using Email and Password. Absolute or relative pathname where the image output is written. Most of you are not going to care about this one all cfmage much, but for those of you who are interested in the underlying Java methods of the coldfusion.

Specifies whether the source is a Base64 string: When reading in an image, the source of the image can be any one of the following:. However, WriteToBrowser actually returns the image inline to the page.

These products, while excellent in quality, just mean adding one more level of complexity to any application that requires server-side image manipulation. String getWidth – returns: Also, image quality can degrade; for example, PNG images support bit color, but GIF images support only colors. Converting images between one file format to cfimate is time-consuming.


Name of the ColdFusion image variable to create. If the specified font is not available, falls back to system fonts. Retrieve meta data from an image and stores that as a structure in a variable. String getHeight – returns: As you can see I use 5. The CFImage tag makes writing files especially easy since the source attribute is so flexible.

ColdFusion Help | Converting images

Image copyArea int, int, int, int, int, int – returns: The other input types give a similar output, so I won’t show the CFDump, however, I will convery through the code.

The next input type is a Base64 encoded string. I have also included the JPG quality value, but cfimsge was not necessary as that value defaults to. I don’t want to start writing a lot of images to the browser only to find out that it is clogging up this temp directory.

Quality of the JPEG destination file.

Interpolation algorithms Interpolation algorithms let you fine-tune how images are resampled. The name of the ColdFusion image object you are going to write. In addition to the CFImage tag, ColdFusion cfimge introduced dozens of new image manipulation functions including:. The interpolation method for resampling.

Converting an image to grayscale using the CFIMAGE tag in ColdFusion

Usage You can use this function to enlarge an image or create a thumbnail image. This argument is optional if the Source attribute of your image is available. What is the DPI of the original image? Border thickness in pixels. For example, using a URL with this query string:. To specify the height or width in pixels, enter the integer, for example, If specified, the value must be an integer.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge vfimage you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. When you resize an image, if you specify a value for conert height, you can let ColdFusion calculate the aspect ratio by specifying “” as the width.

This doesn’t mean the target file is a Base64 data text file – this means the actual input value is Base64 image data: The action to take. This will read in the ctimage image into an object of coldfusion. Supported image file formats. Use capital letters for better readability. Storing an image to a temp directly and then serving it using the Web server is going to be 10 times more efficient.

Convert an image to a different format in this case PNG. A bit of a hack, but it works if you need it to. Now, when I first saw this action, I had assumed it was working the same way CFContent worked – by streaming the file to the browser as the only returned content. vfimage

ColdFusion Help | ImageRead

You can specify a specific interpolation algorithm by name for example, hammingby image quality for example, mediumQualityor by performance for example, highestPerformance. To demonstrate this, we can grab the buffered image of one image object and use it to instantiate a new image:.

String, boolean – returns: Save a ColdFusion image to a file or write the image directly to a browser.

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