Alright, the whining aside, today I’d like to talk about the Iconology, once very famous and today nearly forgotten book, written by Cesare Ripa. Iconology: or A collection of emblematical figures [chiefly composed from the Iconology of Cesare Ripa ] / [collected and arranged] by George Richardson. — . Iconography is the description, classification, and interpretation of the subject matter of a work of art. Derived from the Greek words eikon, meaning image or icon.

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The book was also translated to many European languages, and soon became widely available in all corners of Europe, from England to Russia apparently, Russian Peter the Great saw the book during his stay in the Netherlands, and it was one of the first books he ordered to translate to Russian after his return to Moscow:. In one hand she holds a Lilly, and a Ball and Compasses in another; the explanation is not trivial, and related to the Measure and Proportion that the Beauty is defined by… but in desare case, the mirrors are not used here in any way.

This confirms, one more time, a deep and intimate sic! I like the design of his devices, the Sun with a Handle we somewhat similar design solution in the engravings of Hans Sebald Beham. There will be a Blackboard site available for this course.

Visualizing Cultures (1600-1900): Political Iconology

He was born in Perugia and died iconologyy Rome. The today almost unknown German Carthusian Gregor Reisch ca. The concepts were arranged in alphabetical order, after the fashion of the Renaissance.

When the Book is due?

Cesare Ripa – Wikipedia

I found a few but not all illustrations with mirrors from this edition; notice, how close they are to the original versions, the only difference is their realistic background, and more refined figures in general:. For each there was a verbal description of the allegorical figure proposed by Ripa to embody the concept, giving the type and color of its clothing and its varied symbolic paraphernaliaalong with the reasons why these were chosen, reasons often supported by references to literature largely classical.


I would like to spend a bit more time at some point later to research the depiction of the Prudence and her Mirrors; so far I met this symbolism in the early work by Bellini and the in the alleged Prudence of Hans Baldungbut I have many more examples to reflect upon. Similar to my other long-running project, aman-geldthe major goal of this one is also not the end result be it in form of book, or any other formatbut a never-ending process. Thanks to the unpublished autobiography of the painter Giuseppe Carlo Pedrettiwe now know that the paintings were sold to Eugene by the merchant Antonio Cavazza, with an attribution to Guido Reni himself and to Pellegrino Tibaldi.

I will be also copying here the English descriptions: La stadera, soltanto strumento di pesatura? They were part of the collection of Prince Eugene of Savoy, and were both exhibited in the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna. Today the image of the ostrich with its head in the sand is a common trope for willful oblivion, even though scientists note that ostriches do not, in fact, do this.

Here is my mistake — I thought first ceasre she also holds a round convex mirror, but it was wrong. Zoeken Zoekterm Zoeken Uitgebreid zoeken. And the light was able to clear, and clarify things around, physically and mentally.

The book cwsare extremely influential in the 17th and 18th centuries and was quoted extensively in various art forms.

Email required Address never made public. On the one hand, it Since I started with mistakes and omissions, mention a few more: Some of them had just colorized versions of the original illustrations: Hide my email completely instead?

Registration is coordinated by the Curriculum Coordinator. Feathers were considered in Mexico’s prehispanic past a precious material related to aesthetic and religious symbolism, closely linked to the spiritual and ritual life. You are commenting using your WordPress.

An Introduction to Art Image Access: Media related to Cesare Ripa at Wikimedia Commons. Peter and Paul church. Raphael and followers painted cesxre, including ostriches, which were both archaeologically correct reconstructions and modern fantasies.


The front page mention the name of the illustrator, some I. After the death of the cardinal, Ripa worked for his relatives. Views Read Edit View history. The book was also translated to many European languages, and soon became widely available in all corners of Europe, from England to Russia apparently, Russian Peter the Great saw the book during his stay in the Netherlands, and it was one of the first books he ordered to translate to Russian after his return to Moscow: Leave a Reply x Enter your comment here Speaking about the book, I should, perhaps, be more precise: It is a rare case when the new icnoology changed not only the shape of the mirror, but also its type, it became a convex one.

The — Hertel edition of Ripa’s Iconologia with engraved illustrations, p. Inthe Scottish architect George Richardson ‘s Iconology; or a Collection of Emblematical Figures; containing four hundred and twenty-four remarkable subjects, moral and instructive; lconology which are displayed the beauty of Virtue and deformity of Vice was published in London.

Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Relief iconklogy, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. During the early Counter Reformation, theologians attacked abstruse imagery.

In the Renaissance, because the physical oddity of animals was inherently meaningful, ostriches were bearers of a panoply of complex and contradictory meanings and associations. The easiest of these is undoubtedly the descriptive, where the multivalent nature of images causes the greatest problems Eliade, p.

By the early twentieth century, systemization in the field of iconography was underway. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What Is to Be Done?

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