Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Publication Order of Wicca: Sweep Books Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young . A complete Cate Tiernan Sweep Series book set. All fifteen titles I’ve always loved stories of the supernatural especially involving wicca/witches. You fall in. The Wicca book series by Cate Tiernan includes books Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood witch, and several more. See the complete Wicca series book list in .

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Aside from the fact that they came out years before SMeyer had her wet dream about Edward, unlike Bella, Morgan is a strong, independent and capable young woman.

Wicca Series

Jaime on Oct 20, She refuses to hug the same man that killed her mother Maeve Riordan and Angus, her lover, however. A Ghost Story 4. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. They are both good books, but very different books.

Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Morgan’s saga continues in this double-length, st… More. If things couldn’t get worse, Mary K.

I say, make all the new fantasy books into movies Movie NewsOpinions. E-mail me for further feedback: Hunter sedies Morgan slowly start to get closer throughout the book. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In her quest for her origins, Morgan eventually wicfa Hunter Niall and Sky of the rival coven and tieran strangely wary around them.


I’m rereading the series now and its perfect the way it is. It’s wocca written if sometimes a little annoying in the repetition of certain aspects perfect Edward, beautiful Edward, impossibly gorgeous Edward This book series came out years before Twilight was even a blip on Stephenie Meyer’s radar.

But it’s intense, and a real relationship ie. Upon learning that she is a blood witch, Morgan concludes that her parents are blood witches and confronts them. Like in the last book where it is the point of view of morgans daughter and also morgan this is set 20 years after the 14th and second to last book.

I like both series’s for different reasons. Morgan is an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life.

I love it cant wait. Morgan has been so involved in the world of magic… More. I loved the series but I have serious misgivings about a movie version of it. She feels apprehensive and hesitant about facing Ciaran, but at the same time, has a strange urge to hug him since she has finally found her true father. While trying to get away from them, Morgan accidentally stumbles upon Selene’s hidden library, where she finds her mother’s Book of Shadows.

Keeping the binding spell on the two of them, she forces Hunter into her car and drives to Hunter’s house where she releases him.

Universal Adapting Cate Tiernan’s Witch Fantasy Series ‘Sweep’ |

Its nothing like Twilight, which is good even though I am a Twi fan. The council sends Hunter to New York, the place where the coven is suspected to operate, to investigate. The Calling by Cate Tiernan. Marina on Nov 24, Retrieved from ” https: When Morgan receives a shocking revelation about… More.


I am currently on book 9 of the Sweep series and i can’t put it tieernan

Their relationship grows stronger as Cal makes her believe that they are soul mates even if their relationship is on the brink of totally destroying her friendship with Bree. Sweep is amazing, but Balefire would be easier to make into a film. I stayed up till 4, sometimes 5 in the morning to read wixca books!

Hunter gives her a silver Claddagh ring, as a symbol of his love and devotion to her. Oh, and I’m really excited to see how they bring Cal and Hunter to the screen – both but particularly Hunter were my ‘book crushes’ when I was younger, and still are.

Upon the actions of another coven, Ealltuinn, Morgan begins to realize toernan there are dark forces once again being built against her. Full Circle by Cate Tiernan.

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