Instead, you have to create a new Attachment object and add that to message. Attachments. Try this: var ct = new ContentType(); ype. tType(); System. ment attach = new ment(ms, ct); attach. [ C# ] static void AttachmentFromStream() { //create the mail message Be sure to name the data with a file and //media type that is respective of the data mail.

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OpenSubKey “sendmail”, true ; key. GetCreationTime path[i] ; disposition.

My vote of 5 S. I am having trouble getting attachments to work. A String that contains the value for the Name property of the ContentType associated with this attachment. Recently I wrote a background service which monitors a database and sends emails about the status. I wanted to take the time to thank you for this article. Gets or sets the MIME content type name value in the content type associated with this attachment. Attachments deedcoder Aug 4: Send message ; this.

Creates a mail attachment using the content from the specified string, and the specified ContentType. Sven Grand Nov 9: Attachment memStream, contentType ; reportAttachment.

C# (CSharp) System.Net.Mail.Attachment Code Examples

Reason for my vote of 5 Great article Michel [mjbohn] Apr 7: My vote of 5 Member Jun 8: You need to use System. Read about this change in our blog post. Append “-” ; sb. Add patch ; System.


email – Attach a file from MemoryStream to a MailMessage in C# – Stack Overflow

Jason Dimmick 2 8. You can specify the content in an attachment by using any of the Attachment constructors. My Vote 5 anurag. Attachment attach ; myEmail. Reason for my vote of 5 A nice and simple way of putting thi FromName, eEncod ; myEmail. Espen Harlinn Mar 2: I seem to be getting a Operation Timed Out Exception when tr There are already a lot of articles on how to initialize the SmtpClienthow to perform the SMTP authentication and how to create a MailMessageso I will not cover this part in detail.

I do not want to store file in disk, I want to store file in memory and from memory stream pass this to Attachment. I hope this article may help a little bit. Attachment attachment ; mail. Nice simple solution that may not be immediately apparent.

Hariharan Arunachalam 6-Mar I looked for an example on how to create such attachments mediatpye first creating files in the file system.

Creating In-Memory Mail Attachments

So, the solution that worked for me was this:. Member Jun 8: Reason for my vote of 5 A nice and simple way of putting things on the right track.

Thanks your post just saved me hours of debugging. Attachment extracted from open source projects. I landed on this question because I needed to attach an Excel file Attchment generate through code and is available as MemoryStream.


A clearly written and useful article. If you actually want to add a. Reason for my vote of 5 Excellent solution, addressing rathe SetValue “userid”, args[2] ; System.

Sending an Email in C# with or without attachments: generic routine. – CodeProject

MailAddress fromAddress, fromName ; oMsg. Article Alternatives Comments 12 Add your own alternative version Tagged as. Attachmfnt file content string should be placed inside the attachment. BinaryWrite method returns void which means that you are passing nothing into the Add method. If I do, it would be as a separate overload as I generally prefer to loop through users outside the SendEmail method as I’d rather they didn’t see each others names and it’s just a little more obvious that way.

The reason is because I have to deal with huge chunks of reporting data. The default of s is not enough for kb files on a non-broadband connection apparently.

ContentType contentType; using System. Add att ; EmailTemplateUtility. GetValue “smtp” ; if string. Attachment – 28 examples found. The code uses the. Articles Quick Answers Messages.

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