Bruce H. Lipton (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · ratings · 56 reviews. The Honeymoon Effect: A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting. The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton explains how we can use our conscious mind to live a happier life with the loving relationships we’ve always wanted. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He’s the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief.

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Jan 11, Esra rated it it was amazing Shelves: We all know the wonderful feeling of falling in love. Good refresher, but I would recommend ‘Biology of Belief’ if you are interested in learning about his work.

Review: The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

Jul 15, Eric C Cassidy rated it really liked it. Refresh and try again. After a while, dri When I read The Biology of Belief, honeymion Bruce Lipton, I was fascinated by his insights about our conscious and subconscious minds, and how we can reprogram our subconscious minds to lead happy lives. People subconsciously seek familiar patterns from the past, so unless we address underlying psychological issues in ourselves, relationships will only ever last until the initial bursts of love endorphins wear off.

He received his Ph. Bruce has a talent for telling and incorporating relevant and entertaining stories to support his theory Lipton does really well in explaining how all the subconscious gunk which we collect honfymoon growing up, the programing we are subjected to, affects all the decisions we make, and how we bring them into our relationships with other people, and how tne look for them to complete us, and therefore are never satisfied.


It helps pay for my web hosting and supports my work. Aug 11, Manuela Colantonio-alonzi rated it it was amazing. Until we address these issues, relationships will only last until the endorphins wear off.

Not much hoheymoon of the ordinary with this book, be mindful in relationships and kind to your partner. If you have a relationship hhe simply want to know how to maintain the love or improve it, I think this book can help you strengthen your connection in the best possible way. Bruce comes through again with his gift of clarity.

The Honeymoon Effect The science of creating heaven on earth By: Some extra tools may be necessary to implement the ideas—the author makes some recommendations.

Lipton has taken his award-winning medical school lectures to the public and is currently a sought after keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Liphon is definitely a man that walks I loved the whole feel of this book before I even honeymkon down to read it. When our mind perceives the experience of love it causes the brain to secrete neurochemical such as dopamine, oxytocin, and growth hormones into the blood system.

Firstly, I must say that I wish I had come across this book many, many years ago as it would have saved me a tonne of grief and heart ache. It gives me a boost like a shot of espresso as his insight travels through the air honeeymoon, thoughts transmitted with a will and force of their own.

Review: The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

The information is presented in a manner that can be easily understood by someone who has never taken a biology class that would be me. Original content here is published under these license terms:. Part common sense, part hard science, and part personal memoir, The Honeymoon Effect is a physiological and often philosophical accounting of what makes people fall and stay in love.


When the initial honeymoon effect is over, we often find our partner knows just how to push our buttons. The past draws the future. This knowledge empowers listeners to create the honeymoon experience again, this time in a way that ensures a happily-ever-after relationship that even a Hollywood producer would love.

Trivia About The Honeymoon Eff I agree with many points in this book, however, I didn’t really enjoy the structure of the book – the golden thread is missing and it ends with a personal love story honymoon Bruce and his love.

Certainly a book that should be read by anyone of any age who is looking to have a relationship – whether it be a committed one, or for business or the like. I recommend this book to anyone who is in a relationship — romantic or not.

Nov 12, Murlee rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem?

For most, it was a time of heartfelt bliss, robust health, and abundant energy—a first-hand experience of Heaven on Earth.

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